This is the story of a Hero of the faith and pioneer of Christian spiritual awakening in Nigeria.

Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live” (Exodus 22:18).

If you know your rights in Christ, demons in the land will fear you.

Do not let there be found among you anyone who sacrifices their son or daughter in the fire, anyone who practices divination or sorcery, interprets omens, engages in witchcraft… For anyone who does these things is detestable to the Lord” (Deuteronomy 18:10-12).

Many years ago, sorcerers worldwide convened in Chicago and decided to hold their first global conference in Africa. Surprisingly, they chose Benin City, Nigeria, for this event. The chief host proudly announced in a press conference that the first global conference of sorcerers and magicians would take place in Benin City.

When they informed me, I exclaimed, “What?” They confirmed, “Benin City.” I told them it couldn’t be true because it wasn’t possible. Hallelujah! If I am a man of God, it is not possible. It wasn’t true and couldn’t be true!

“It’s time for people to know who you are and why God placed you where you are for a purpose.”

The media asked what wasn’t true and possible. I replied that sorcerers from elsewhere could not come to Benin City. They then asked what I would do if they came. I declared that I would kill them all. They called the supposed host and told him, “Dr. Benson Idahosa says your global conference of sorcerers cannot take place in Benin City.” He arrogantly responded, “Not even God can stop it,” boasting of his magical abilities.

Challenges are stairs to climb to higher heights in the life of faith.”

Our headlines carried this information with the effect that the sorcerers’ conference host said not even God could stop it. I affirmed that he was correct in his statement. They asked,


I reiterated, “God doesn’t need to waste His time stopping sorcerers from coming to Benin City for a conference. That’s why I am here. The Lord doesn’t need to bother with trivial issues like stopping a conference of sorcerers.”

Hallelujah! If I am a man of God!

I looked up to heaven and said,

>”Father, handle this challenge. Don’t waste your time on a situation like this. You can look at more significant problems! I can handle this one.” I asked

>how many sorcerers were supposed to attend the conference. The host replied,

>”Nine thousand eight hundred (9,800).” I said,

>”Well! I love challenges, especially ones like this.”

People who are cautious don’t always control situations; those in control are not afraid of anything.”

Challenges are stairs to climb to higher heights in the life of faith. If they can’t tell by your applause and dances, they must be able to tell by the fire coming from heaven. If they don’t recognize you by your songs, tithes, and offerings, they will recognize you when you raise the dead. Let the fire fall from heaven.

The media visited to warn me that I was taking a great risk. I said, “What?” They warned, “Be careful; sorcerers are not the kind of people to mess with. The host said it was at the risk of any intruder.”

If you’re reading this right now, haven’t you heard something similar before? Like, “Please be careful.” Or, “Watch out. Don’t lose your life unnecessarily. You don’t have to take on these challenges. You are already known by the manifest power of God in your life. You don’t need to prove anything. Be cautious; be careful!”

I responded to the media that those who are cautious don’t always control situations, and those in control are not afraid of anything. The Bible declares, “Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God” (Philippians 4:6).

They asked if I was ready to tell the entire nation what I declared. I said,


They informed me that they intended to put us in front of cameras to defend our respective positions. I agreed, saying I liked the idea. A few days later, we were seated in front of cameras and viewers. The host said,

>”Gentlemen, we don’t want anyone to get hurt.” Turning to my opponent, he asked,

>”Host, are you really sure about bringing 9,800 sorcerers from around the world?” He affirmed. Turning to me, he asked,

>”Dr. Idahosa, are you sure you can prevent this conference of sorcerers and magicians?” I said,

>”It’s not that I will prevent it; I have already prevented it!” The man asked again,

>”Are you really ready, as I am about to give you the time to tell us how serious your position is and how strong your God’s power is?”

I replied that

>I was ready.

He turned to the supposed chief host and asked if he was ready to tell the viewing audience how powerful his witchcraft was. He said :

>he was ready. However,

I told the presenter that before the end of the program, he had to allow me to pray because

>I intended to kill someone that day.

Reluctantly, he agreed to let me pray. The supposed magician requested to speak first. For twenty-seven minutes, he quoted excerpts from the Old Testament of the Bible, the books of Moses, Egyptian hieroglyphs, Indian maharajas, Israeli scrolls, British writings, and KS (Kansas), magical books. At the end, the host asked if I had listened to what he said. My answer was yes!

>”What do you say now?” he asked me. I replied,

>”There is nothing to say.” “The alleged conference is canceled.”

>They asked, “How and why?”

I then opened my Bible and briefly highlighted some passages from the books of Exodus, Leviticus, Deuteronomy, and a few from the New Testament. At the end of my speech, I asked how many minutes we had left to finish the program. The man replied,

>”Five minutes.” “Good,” I said,

>”it’s time for someone to go back to their Creator.”

Panic set in the studio. What I learned later was that the situation was no different in the homes where viewers remained connected to their television screens.

>”Now tell me and these viewers in one or two words; are you a magician? Answer with a simple yes or no.” He hesitated for a moment, then replied,

>”I am not.” “What did you say, because I am ready to pray?” I insisted. He replied,

>”I said I am not a magician.” “Then there’s nothing more to say.

>” I said, “Get up and leave the studio.”

Sighs of relief and smiles could be heard and seen everywhere in the studio as Christians among them raised their thumbs to indicate, “We are victorious!” Later, I learned how Christians rejoiced and danced in their homes. I stood up in the studio and began speaking in tongues. If I am a man of God, let the fire fall from heaven and consume…

The next day, the supposed host came to my office and received a Bible from me. However, when the media visited him again to inquire if the conference would still take place, he said yes. The countdown began. Seven more days to the conference date… Three more days… The media rushed to me.

>”Will the conference happen or not?” They asked me this question. I replied,

> “No comment, but if the conference takes place, I will set fire to my Bible! It’s canceled! What I bind on earth is bound in heaven, and what I loose on earth is loosed in heaven.” “Two more days…” I said,

>”Don’t waste your time counting. There will be no global conference of sorcerers and magicians in this city of Benin where I reside.”

D-Day! And nothing happened. Hallelujah!

The next day, I went to see the President of my country and told him, “As you are well aware, I told the entire nation that the conference of evildoers will not take place in this country, and you can see that it did not happen.” “Yes,” he replied. “When I saw you on television with that adherent defending your beliefs and positions, I sent a telex to all Nigeria’s embassies worldwide, not to allow a single sorcerer or magician to enter Nigeria. They were all denied visas.” Glory to God!

If I am a man of God, let the fire fall from heaven to consume the works of iniquity in our generation. It’s time for the Church to know who is in control! You must be sure you are a man of God! Are you? If you know your rights in Christ, demons in the land will fear you.

This text is an excerpt from the book “You hold authority in Heaven and Earth” written by Benson Idahosa.

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