I had seriously and determinedly pursued the supernatural things of God for quite some time before things began to change and consciousness and revelation came upon me. Those of you who know something about me know that it wasn’t “a walk in the park.” God didn’t just hand me an anointing or a special transmission to get things moving. I drew near to Him… and He drew near to me. It was dynamic.

After things started happening, I received several confirming prophecies within about ten days from different apostles and prophets about the direction my life was going to take. It was as if five different people were reading the same letter to me.

I know that sometimes we receive a word and it’s like, “well… that could apply to anyone.” But these people were telling me things that only God knew. Private conversations I had had with the Lord. Things I was doing and things God had given me. The Lord definitely had my attention. But when you get words that challenge you, you might need to grow into them. Adjust to the idea or adjust to the supernatural change. I’m still adapting, even now.

Full Disclosure

Alright… As I dive into this subject, I’m going to have to give you some background information. I’ll also have to repeat myself a bit. Please be patient with this. Many have read some of the testimonies I’m going to share here, in other books, or have heard me talk about them somewhere. I’m doing this because I need to give a complete picture here, especially in a book like this. My complete journey.

Secondly, this book will be more about my personal journey and my understanding of this phenomenon. I recently had the honor of helping Dr. Bruce Allen with the book “Translation by Faith” for Still Water’s Walking in the Supernatural Schools, and that book contains a full measure of the steps of faith and activations that have borne the fruit of my life, which I will talk about here. I feel there’s no need for me to repeat all the activations and exercises here, but rather to share the fruit of doing them.

That way, anyone reading this book will have an overall view without having to read my testimonies in other books and then try to piece them together.

Step by Step

My first book on sight hadn’t even been written or even prophesied that I would write it, when I started learning to go into the spirit.

A big part of my education was the program “It’s Supernatural” and Gordana (my wife) and I rarely missed a show. While the Lord was teaching me, He was also teaching me to pursue the things of the Kingdom. It’s a very basic thing, but it’s also where a lot of people “miss it.” We did the prayers, we reached out to the TV, we did the prophetic activations. We did it all. We were hungry!

I think to see a quick manifestation, you need to be passionate about it. It was my everything and nothing in the world interested me more. I believe that’s the key. Unbridled desire!

I had sought, knocked, and asked and I still hadn’t experienced the spiritual manifestations I desired. I loved all the testimonies of God’s power, I just really wanted to experience it too. I knew I was missing something somewhere. A key was available somewhere, I just needed to find it.

A Simple Instruction

My wife Gordana and I were sitting in front of the TV and ready to experience the supernatural when Brother Sid came on and asked this question… “Can a man step through a door and find himself on the other side of the world?” Then he continued… “My guest has learned the secrets of supernatural travel and how you can do it too.”

I was interested. I was beyond interested. Have you ever been in that place where it seems like everything should be going, but nothing is happening? I was sick of that place. To be really honest, I was inspired by all the great stories but I hadn’t stepped into the supernatural yet. (at least not as I wanted) Maybe it was my cessationist background, but all the instructions I had received so far seemed too ethereal, too vague. Things like “press in” or “hold on” or “break through.” I wasn’t making the connection.

Yet, if you’ve ever watched Sid Roth’s show, you know he can get you excited. So I was excited. We watched Brother Sid introduce Bruce Allen, a man who had received God’s mandate to actually teach people translation by faith, or how to move supernaturally around the Earth for end-time ministry.

I was totally on board from the beginning as he shared testimonies of visits to heaven and encounters with people he knew in the heavenly realms. As the program went on, I was hoping he would give an impartation prayer or something to hold on to. That’s when Bruce gave a simple instruction on how to step into the reality of translation by faith. It seemed so simple, maybe even too simple, but I’ve learned since that God doesn’t make things complicated.

Here’s a short but accurate condensed version of what he said. “Come before the Lord. Close your eyes and look… Expect God to show you something and seek it…” I had been looking and praying for some sort of tangible instruction for a long time. This was definitely it. Simple and to the point. I decided to try it and see what happens.

I didn’t get a chance to try it that night due to other obligations, but I had decided to try it the next day after everyone had left the house. I wasn’t so much nervous as excited.

I had a feeling…

This text is an excerpt from the book “Supernatural Transportation” written by Michael R. Van Vlymen.

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