What happens when we place our trust in Christ?

God… has blessed us with every spiritual blessing in the heavenly realms because we belong to Christ” (Ephesians 1:3).

It is because “we belong to Christ” that we are children of God. We have entered into His kingdom. All the power, privileges, and rights reserved for His children belong to us right now. So, take a look at all the riches that our heavenly Father has prepared for us— “every spiritual blessing in the heavenly realms.” He does this not because of our merits, but because we belong to Christ!

A baby doesn’t grow by making great efforts to stretch itself. It doesn’t strive to deserve the care given to it every day. It is fed, clothed, loved, and surrounded by careful attention from mom and dad simply because it is their child. They provide for each of its needs. Its growth happens naturally and effortlessly, as long as it takes its normal dose of food, rest, and exercise.

Imagine a child refusing to eat and sleep, saying to its mother, “I’m not ready yet, Mom. I’m stretching to grow. When I’ve gained a few inches, then I can eat.” This is exactly what many Christians do. God has prepared everything they need to grow: food, rest, love, and care. But they stay there, vainly striving to grow to deserve their food. God had already prepared all of this long before you and I were born!

A long time ago, even before He made the world, God chose us to be His very own, through what Christ would do for us; He decided then to make us holy…” (Ephesians 1:4).

Now, whom does God want to make holy? Do you know anyone He has already made holy? If not, don’t you think God is behind schedule? Has He already begun to make you holy personally?

Let’s read further: “…without a fault…” Is it possible, do you think, that God has decided to make Christians blameless, and he has failed so miserably with everyone you know? But let’s continue reading: “…in His eyes!” God has made us holy and without any fault… “in His eyes.” He has accomplished something great for us. He has transformed us “in His eyes.” He sees us differently now. He alone can see the new being that we are. Who can see with the eyes of God? No one, except God. He has created a new man, to the praise of His glory.

When others look at you, they still see the same person. But they are not God. You can look at yourself in a mirror and convince yourself that you have not become holy or blameless, but remember that you are not God.

Would you dare say that God is unable to see what He wants to see? What matters more to you: that God sees you as holy or that you see yourself as holy? Thousands, and maybe even millions, of Christians try to force themselves into a perfect mold that they or others can admire. When they fail, and that inevitably happens, they are assailed by waves of discouragement and despair. I have seen so many unhappy faces! I have heard so many confessions of failure that I know them before they are even told to me!

So how did God perform this wonder of making us holy in His eyes? Paul says: “He covered us with His love” (Ephesians 1:4). A covering of love! He spreads it over us. Then, He takes a step back to look. And what does He see? His own love!

It’s still you that others and you yourself will see. But God will see His own love! Doesn’t that suffice to make a joyous bell ring in your heart and fill your life with gratitude and praise?

And why did God perform such a miracle for us? Why then? “He did it because He wanted us for Himself” (Ephesians 1:5), Paul reveals. God intended to envelop us with His love. Don’t you think He has both the right and the power to give us everything He wants, all the blessings of the heavenly realms and gifts of a thousand euros?

Why did He choose to do it Himself? I am convinced it was the only way for Him to be sure the job was done well. Because, if it had depended on you or me, He would never have had a serious plan to present to His Son. And the ultimate goal? It was for the glory of God, not that of man.

Paul writes: “God’s purpose was that we should praise and glorify Him for all the wonderful things He has done for us” (Ephesians 1:12).

The result is glorious when we fully place our faith in what Christ does for us!

Now we can come fearlessly right into God’s presence, assured of His glad welcome when we come with Christ” (Ephesians 3:12).

Too many prayers arise from a plaintive and false humility: we don’t have to apologize to God for being human. He knows very well what we are. He has observed tens of millions of human beings, and He knows perfectly all our weaknesses. But now He wants us to believe that, through Christ, we have the right to approach Him and ask for everything we need. God wants to shower us with good things; He wants us to be happy. Christians sometimes find it difficult to realize this.

This text is an excerpt from the book “Power of Praise “written by Merlin R. Carothers.

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