You want to prosper in every aspect, but in your family, no one even has an ounce of stability.

Ask the right questions… You want to get married, but in your family, no one has ever married?

Ask the right questions… You weren’t born with a silver spoon in your mouth, and you want to be a wealth creator, to engage your neighborhood brothers so they can find something to do after school?

Ask the right questions… You want to reach a certain height, but you’ve been told that no one in your family goes there.

Ask the right questions… One thing is certain, my dear; there is enough room for each of us to achieve prosperity in all areas and accomplish unimaginable feats, so please be calm.

Despite the prejudices and so-called limitations you have, you’ve still seen people manifest their full potential whom you desire to resemble. However, you make efforts every day but to no avail. Why? It’s because you haven’t taken the time to ask the right questions to these people, even if you can’t meet them, still ask about their journey or their life. I assure you it will save you time, prevent you from going in circles, and it will earn you precious time in the race towards your destiny.

So, what is this question that needs to be asked? It’s nothing other than: “What cup have you taken?” This brief inquiry holds the secret to your maturity, your fulfillment, your elevation, etc. It’s up to you whether you ask it or continue to waste time spinning your wheels for years. Remember that the word “cup” refers to the word “chalice,” which has a sacrificial connotation. So, literally, “What cup have you taken?” means “What sacrifice have you made?” It’s as simple as that. Oh, Lord, help us become aware of the price to pay?

In the scriptures, there is an impressive account:

Then the mother of Zebedee’s sons came to Jesus with her sons and, kneeling down, asked a favor of him. ‘What is it you want?’ he asked. She said, ‘Grant that one of these two sons of mine may sit at your right and the other at your left in your kingdom.’ ‘You don’t know what you are asking,’ Jesus said to them. ‘Can you drink the cup I am going to drink?’ ‘We can,’ they answered.” Matthew 20:21-22

Do you see what Jesus himself asked when, through their mother, the sons of Zebedee wanted to access ministerial positions with Jesus? The question was automatic, would you like to take the cup?

In other words, my brothers, it’s a good thing to want to reach the top, but tell me, are you ready to make the necessary sacrifice? Because to get where you want to go, you have to pay the price. So, be aware of the cup and prepare for it before embarking on the path to what you want to achieve. Hmmm… Far be it from me to discourage you or make you give up, but I believe knowing what awaits you gives you more strength and motivation to simply have it. So, be reassured!

Take the example of a difficult subject in school that you absolutely must pass. But whether you like it or not, you find more motivation to prepare even when it’s hard to overcome this challenge hands down. All of this happens because you realize that the challenge is more complex.

An interesting story: one day, I saw a short video of a little boy barely 5 years old who managed, after about an hour, to go down the stairs on a skateboard. Isn’t that amazing? Of course, it is, and tomorrow I’m sure that when you see such a child achieving such a feat, you’ll be amazed. Many will also want to do it (to achieve this feat) without asking questions, just because they’ve seen it done. Far be it from me to say that you shouldn’t dream and imitate those who have reached the top. However, it would be more convenient to ask the right questions, to study the journey, the backstage, in order to know what to expect so you don’t delude yourself when you don’t succeed on the first attempt. In the case of this little boy, these questions would be, in my opinion:

  • Did you achieve this feat on the first try?
  • Did you ever get hurt doing it?
  • How long did it take you to achieve this feat?
  • Did you cry along the way?
  • Did it hurt?

All these questions are just a glimpse of what happened with this child. And mercy, I forgot to tell you how and in what way this young boy managed to achieve such a feat. The boy’s father, noticing his child’s desire to go down the stairs on a skateboard, didn’t hesitate to put a helmet and all the necessary gear on him. At first, the father put him on the skateboard and pushed him a bit, showing him how to balance, but when he reached the stairs, the boy stumbled. And every time for an hour, he scraped himself, he cried when he fell, but that didn’t stop him from getting up and continuing because his father encouraged him. That’s how, after an hour, he managed to go down the stairs on his skateboard several times. Yvan Castanou said:

The field doesn’t make the champion, it simply contributes to revealing it in broad daylight, so it’s the training that makes the champion.

I would like to digress and tell parents to do what is necessary to discover their children’s dreams, so you can encourage them, help them, put them on the right path. Because by doing so, children can flourish, not in the universe you’ve created for their so-called happiness, but in their own universe. So, accept that all children are different because if they weren’t, God wouldn’t have allowed them to be born. They were born because they are unique and have a specific mission that God has placed in their hearts. End of digression.

I see some saying, “But how? Is this father inhuman or what? Has he lost his mind?” No, the father simply understood the principle by which things are obtained in life and started early to instill it in his child by having him go through the process. Doesn’t the Bible say:

Start children off on the way they should go, and even when they are old they will not turn from it.” (Proverbs 22:6)

Imagine the impact this could have on this boy, the mentality he would have in 10 years if this principle is truly ingrained in him. He would be conditioned to believe that nothing is impossible and that you have to fight to get what you want.

In this book, I will give you the keys used by the generals of this world to reach the summits and stay there. Moreover, it’s the same key used by Jesus to have a globally impactful ministry in just 3 years, without the internet…

This text is an extract from the book “Drinking cups to reign on earth and in Eternity” written by Apostle Joshua Selman Nimmak, and Kenou Landry Hinnouho.

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