That’s what we see every day in democratic countries. A head of state who comes to power may have projects, dreams, ambitions for his people, but his goodwill does not suffice to realize his dreams or projects for this people. He still needs the means to realize his projects! These means of implementing his policy and accomplishing his projects are laws that must be adopted by Parliament (Senate and National Assembly).

The implementation of a political program requires the adoption of laws. As long as the laws proposed by the president are not adopted by the Senate and the National Assembly, the president remains at the helm of the country but does not have the power to implement his program or his policy. No matter how much power he holds, he will remain powerless to help his people until his laws are voted on and adopted.

For laws favorable to his program to be adopted by the National Assembly, the head of state asks his people who installed him in power to vote for his deputies so that they can pass his laws and thus allow him to implement his policy. It is the same in the Kingdom of God! God has plans of peace for us but He needs us to adopt His laws in our hearts to be able to bring His plans to manifestation.

Now, remember, His laws are His principles, His commandments, or His ordinances. God needs us to obey Him so that He can manifest His promises or plans in our lives. If you cry out to God but do not do what He asks you to do, He does not have the power to transform your life. That’s why I told you at the beginning of this chapter that every time you cry out to God to change your life, He will always give you an instruction that you must obey. And it is the implementation of this divine instruction that activates the transfer of power from Satan to God.

The devil knows the power of obedience to God. That is why he will do everything in his power to prevent you from practicing it…

This text is an excerpt from the book “GETTING OUT OF INNER PRISONS” written by Apostle Yvan CASTANOU.

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