Lord, by your lovingkindness we enjoy life; by them I still breathe; you restore me, you make me live again. Isaiah 38:16

Let’s read together 1 Samuel 2:1-10

To sum up, remember that Blessing is the kindness with which you accompany the things you do until you make them strong. These “weak” things are in fact the God’s goodness in all circumstances, or people. Divine Blessing can be broken down into seven (7) points.

1) Blessedness sees and receives God’s Goodness. Every day, God sends goodness that carries life, wisdom and solution from God.

(Lamentations 3:22-23). These Goodnesses generally appear unknowable. By your Blessing you will recognise them and value them. It was through your Blessing that heroes of the faith like the apostle Paul were able to recognise that their person and their works had been forged by Divine Goodness (1 Corinthians 15:10).

It is the Goodness you receive that will make you a saint, a man/woman of prayer, of consecration. Through God’s goodness, you will be able to achieve great things. It is very likely that your inability to carry out certain projects stems from the weakness of your Blessedness. Grow in your Blessedness and you will be and do great things.

God’s goodness is better than life itself (Psalms 63:4).

2) Kindness is giving, Blessing is giving. Giving presents to a child is kindness, but investing oneself in the child’s success is goodness. The person who gives a child a constructive lesson is practising Kindness; the person who, like the parents, invests in the child’s success is practising Benignity. Good people give of themselves, benevolent people give of themselves.

It’s the kindness that hides even in the worst.

3) Benignity is beneficence. Benignity brings out the good

4) Benignity is benevolence. Like Pharaoh’s daughter who watched over Moses to do him good, such are the benign people.

5) Benignity is kindness. By your benignity you will turn people you dislike into people you like, and enmities into friendships.

6) Benignity is kindness. Benignity is a set of acts of kindness designed to lead a person or circumstances to become better.

7) Benignity is accompaniment, gentleness. Through it, you will be indulgent, leading sinful souls to become sinners.

I read my Bible in 1 year: Isaiah 52; Deuteronomy 26

This text is an exception to the book “Benignity – Foundation of God’s Faith – In His Image to Dominate, Devo 6, September 2023” written by Mohammed SANOGO.

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