Born on the 25th of June, 1980, Apostle Joshua Selman Nimmak is a deep teacher of God’s word, and the founder of Koinonia (Eternity Network International).

Apostle Joshua Selman hails from Langtang in Jos, Plateau state, Nigeria. He was however raised and schooled in Zaria, Kaduna State.

He received an early calling to serve God and got born again as a child, during a Sunday School session. In his Secondary school days, God brought a mentor his way who helped him draft a quiet-time time table and also taught him the basics of Christian character. The supernatural manifestation of Gods power in his life not only attests to the fact that his call is genuine, but that he is a product of diligent study of scriptures and encounters with the Holy Spirit.

This really helped as he had complex issues and also the challenge of how to reconcile his dreams with all he was seeing around him. Therefore, he was opened up to the motivation that he needed as he really loved God. He then began to pursue God truly and sincerely from his heart.

As a teenager, his unwavering love for God even at the time caught the attention of a lot as he had an inclination for spiritual things. Growing up, Apostle Joshua Selman was always found alone reading and studying the bible diligently while his peers were playing. That helped in preparing and shaping him for the task ahead.

Shortly, he received the baptism of the Holy Spirit after and thus began his ‘journey’ to the realm of the supernatural. Himself and four other friends began to do the extraordinary in their school by simply applying their faith. Amongst other miracles, this birthed the healing of a stammerer.

Along the line, some of the things he walked in were called heresies. This made himself and his friends backslide but that changed by the encounter he received on the 2nd of December, 2002 where someone tapped him on the hand while he slept and as he awoke, he knew it was Jesus though he couldn’t explain how he knew. This was his first encounter with Christ. He then began to cry profusely as he rededicated himself for the Master’s use. He also had a dream in which he was ministering in the university and also started having encounters with heavenly personalities and notable apostles of God. Thus, it is only right to say that he already had an idea of what was waiting for him before he stepped his feet in the university.

Not much has been documented about his primary and secondary schools but he had his tertiary education at the Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, Kaduna State, Nigeria where he studied chemical engineering and also had the opportunity to begin his work as a minister of God as an undergraduate preaching and sharing the gospel to fellow students in school with the help of his friends.

Apostle Joshua Selman’s ministry started when he was on campus – Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria. While in the University, his hunger for God grew. He would often go to the dam to pray and ask God to reveal to him his purpose in life. One night, he had a vision in which he was standing in front of a tower that looked like one of the University hostels, suddenly, he saw a sea of people having no end. They were all crying and sobbing saying there was no food and water. He immediately felt immense compassion for them. In the vision, it became like he had the key to their solutions and they affirmed that he was the reason they were where they were. He then told them he was coming to rectify that right away after which he woke up.

This was when he knew that God had called him to be a preacher and a minister. His most dramatic encounter was when Jesus Christ Himself appeared and stood before him. All Jesus did was stretch His hand towards him and a great beam of light came upon him. That encounter brought a level of anointing and understanding into his life as he began to have extraordinary insight into the Word like never before. Along with his friends, Apostle Joshua Selman maximized the privilege they got to share with their fellow students the love of Jesus Christ. They continued in that trend and preached at every program that they were permitted to.

Apostle Joshua Selman was heavily used by God during his university days in prophetic, in healing the sick and performing miracles. In the light of his discovery of the powerful anointing upon him and following the leading of the Holy Spirit, he founded the Eternity Network International (ENI) in Zaria, Kaduna State in March 2011. The ministry organized a program named KOINONIA in the same year. The term Koinonia is a Greek word which literally translates to “communion or intimacy”.

Apostle Joshua Selman has been mentored and influenced by a wide number of heavily anointed men of God. He best describes himself as a product of many graces, anointing and divine impartation. This is seen when he talks about the different men of God that have at one time or the other imparted his life including Benny Hinn, Bishop David O. Oyedepo, T. L. Osbourne, Reinhard Bonnke, among others.

Apostle Joshua Selman was formerly the senior pastor of Christ Gospel Church located in Samaru, Zaria, Kaduna State, Nigeria. He currently leads the Eternity Network International, Abuja and regularly visits the Zaria assembly. He is also the Principal of the Koinonia School of Ministry (KSOM). The Koinonia School of Ministry is God’s training ground for individuals who sense the call of God upon their lives.


Read free extracts from his books.

  • A Revelation Of The Divine Life: The Very Life Of God: Hosting God

    The teachings in this book aim to address various areas, particularly those concerning leaders and pastors, in order to assist them in being effective in the work entrusted to us by God. Paul mentors the church in Colossians, and in Colossians 1:10, he emphasizes the importance of walking in a manner that pleases the Lord, being fruitful in every good work.

    It is crucial to understand that God is passionate about our effectiveness and productivity as believers, as well as leaders and ministers of the gospel. Worldwide, pastors, leaders, church officials, Christian organizations, and platforms are striving to experience a greater manifestation of the Kingdom, longing for Jesus to be revealed and glorified. However, for many, this seems elusive, especially in the present times. We have witnessed growing frustration among Christians. So, how can we witness the power and glory of God? I hope that God will bestow His grace upon us and address some of these concerns.

    Based on Scripture and my own mentoring experience, I would like to share a few essential elements that, in my belief, must be in place for a leader, a person of God, or an individual to be effective in their ministry. Additionally, I will highlight three areas in which Satan seeks to attack ministers and leaders, urging you to remain vigilant and not allow him a foothold in these areas. If these aspects come under attack in your life and ministry, it may jeopardize your future and effectiveness.

    Are you ready for this? Take a moment to ask the Lord for revelation.”

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  • Activating All Spiritual Blessings

    Activating All Spiritual Blessings” is a transformative guidebook that unlocks the hidden treasures of the spiritual realm and empowers you to access and activate the abundance of blessings that God has prepared for your life. Drawing from profound biblical teachings and personal experiences, the author reveals the keys to experiencing the fullness of God’s blessings and walking in divine favor. Through practical insights, powerful prayers, and practical exercises, this book will help you understand the spiritual blessings available to you and guide you in unlocking their manifestation in your everyday life. From the riches of God’s grace to the power of His healing, from the wisdom of His guidance to the peace that surpasses all understanding, “Activating All Spiritual Blessings” equips you with the tools and knowledge to align yourself with God’s divine plan and experience a life of abundance and fulfillment. Whether you are seeking breakthrough in your finances, relationships, health, or spiritual growth, this book will empower you to activate the spiritual blessings that are rightfully yours. Prepare to be inspired, encouraged, and equipped as you embark on a transformative journey towards activating all the spiritual blessings that God has destined for you. Get ready to experience a life of supernatural favor, provision, and joy as you step into the fullness of God’s blessings.


    8.900 CFA
  • Activating Your Breakthrough

    Unlock Divine Revelation and Transform Your Destiny: Experience a life-altering encounter with God’s powerful messages that have the potential to reshape your future. Within these pages lies a divine impartation of keys and revelations that will elevate you to new levels of power and blessings. As you dive into the profound teachings presented here, expect to unlock new dimensions of glory in the name of Jesus. Discover the invaluable asset of spiritual interpretation—an ability that goes beyond prayer, studying the Word, or even loving God. Gain the insight to perceive earthly events from a heavenly perspective, just like the insightful sons of Issachar who understood the times. Embrace this opportunity to read and be blessed by the life-changing wisdom found within this book.


    8.900 CFA
  • Ancient Secret Of Power and Relevance

    It is possible to be in partnership with someone who is able to cover for your limitation and that introduces the mercy of God in the equation, but the fact that the mercy of God is available does not mean you will not play your role. One of the reason God did not honour some ministry is because they do not know that ministry is all about people, when you treat people like animals they will not come to your church or meetings. The bible says, ‘now we do not appear what we shall be like’, we believe we are treating men of dignity, royalty, only God can tell how far because the word of God that we teach is the incorruptible word of God that is able to make anyone to become great.The knowledge of the word is a gift you can give people if I count money and give you, it will finish but if I deposit in you the strategic word of God to bring you into the understanding of kingdom principle. When you understand a thing, you can explain it, the proof that you understand the teaching is when you can confidently teach it. I am sharing with us what I titled KOINONIA ANCIENT SECRET TO POWER AND RELEVANCE.You know why I choose this song and how confident I am about life, you cannot imagine, when you see me teach this truth, the bible says, ‘ I found your word and did hid them and they became joy and rejoicing to my soul’. If I buy shares for you, you may be happy, feel secured, if I connect you to a rich man and a prophet, you may be happy and feel secured but when you are connected to the revelation of the truth and the kingdom, it is the ultimate secret for confidence in life, until it has become true in your life, you may not understand. Paul had to correct by saying, we make our boasting in the lord but should not be misunderstood. The word of God gives you such a level of confidence. All of a sudden, when you understand the principle of the kingdom, we will begin to connect the equations of life and find out that there is a formula that governs His operation. You will know that nothing just happens, there is a formula but when you find it you don’t need to keep it with an un-trusted person, it’s yours for life.Read this Book and Be Blessed.


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  • Biblical Keys To Longevity

    “Biblical Keys to Longevity” is a profound and insightful book that explores the secrets to living a long, healthy, and fulfilling life based on timeless wisdom found in the scriptures. Drawing upon the rich teachings of the Bible, this book offers practical guidance and spiritual principles that can enhance your overall well-being and extend your years on earth.

    In this enlightening book, you will discover the biblical foundations for longevity and uncover the keys to physical, emotional, and spiritual vitality. The author delves into the wisdom of scripture, exploring topics such as proper nutrition, exercise, stress management, and the importance of cultivating a strong faith in God.

    Through engaging stories, powerful examples, and practical tips, “Biblical Keys to Longevity” provides you with valuable insights on how to nurture your body, mind, and spirit in alignment with God’s principles. It emphasizes the significance of maintaining a balanced lifestyle, fostering healthy relationships, and cultivating a positive mindset that promotes well-being.

    This book also addresses the spiritual aspect of longevity, highlighting the importance of faith, prayer, and a deep connection with God. It explores the power of forgiveness, gratitude, and serving others as essential components of a long and purposeful life.

    Whether you are young or old, seeking to enhance your health and well-being, or simply curious about the biblical perspective on longevity, this book offers a comprehensive guide to living a vibrant, fruitful, and meaningful life. It provides practical steps and biblical principles that can be implemented immediately to experience positive changes in your overall health and longevity.

    Embrace the wisdom of the ages and embark on a journey toward a long and fulfilling life. Let “Biblical Keys to Longevity” be your trusted companion as you unlock the secrets to living a life of vitality, purpose, and lasting significance according to the timeless wisdom of the Scriptures.


    8.900 CFA
  • By my Spirit

    Delve into the profound levels of God’s power and how they manifest in our lives. Explore the highest dimension, which is derived from intimacy with God, where His power is ignited through a close relationship. Learn about the second dimension, where the access to God’s principles opens doors to His power, regardless of personal relationship or acknowledgement. Delve into the third dimension, which involves aligning with God’s covenant to unlock His hidden possibilities in individuals, institutions, and specific locations.

    Unveil the significance of Jacob’s encounter in a specific place, where heavenly realms were accessible through divine alignment. Witness Elijah’s transitions from one location to another, tapping into God’s anointing and presence. Explore Jesus’ supernatural manifestation in a particular place, showcasing the power hidden in men. Understand how covenant alignment grants access to God’s anointing, guided by His grace and purpose.

    Immerse yourself in Paul’s teachings to the Ephesian church, unveiling the revelation of mysteries kept hidden in previous ages. Gain insight into the profound knowledge of Christ made known to the apostles and prophets through the Holy Spirit.

    Unlock the depths of God’s power and embark on a transformative journey of faith and revelation.

     Apostle Joshua Selman Nimmak

    7.999 CFA
  • Come Up Hither 2

    “Come Up Hither 2” is a captivating and enlightening sequel to the original best-selling book that takes readers on a deeper journey into the realms of the supernatural and the mysteries of God. Building upon the foundation laid in the first book, this sequel dives even further into the realms of spiritual encounters, heavenly visions, and divine revelations.

    In this compelling continuation, the author invites readers to embark on a transformative expedition to explore the hidden treasures and secrets of God’s Kingdom. Through personal anecdotes, biblical insights, and profound teachings, readers will be captivated by the author’s firsthand accounts of encounters with the supernatural realm and the profound wisdom gained from these experiences.

    “Come Up Hither 2” delves into a wide range of topics, including the power of prayer, the significance of worship, the reality of spiritual warfare, and the keys to unlocking divine destiny. It challenges readers to embrace a lifestyle of intimacy with God and to pursue a deeper level of spiritual understanding and growth.

    Drawing from scriptural references and personal testimonies, the book reveals profound spiritual truths and practical principles that will empower readers to walk in greater levels of faith, authority, and supernatural manifestations. It addresses the importance of aligning with God’s purposes, walking in obedience to His Word, and cultivating a vibrant relationship with the Holy Spirit.

    Whether you are a seasoned believer hungry for a deeper spiritual experience or a seeker searching for answers and meaning in life, “Come Up Hither 2” will ignite your spiritual journey and open your eyes to the incredible wonders of the heavenly realms. It offers a roadmap to experiencing the supernatural and embracing the fullness of God’s presence and power in your life.

    Get ready to be inspired, challenged, and forever transformed as you delve into the pages of “Come Up Hither 2.” It will stir your hunger for more of God, awaken your spiritual senses, and equip you to live a life of purpose, significance, and supernatural encounters.


    8.900 CFA
  • Comprendre la loi des saisons

    Dans ce livre, le mystère de la réussite dans le royaume est dévoilé, offrant ainsi aux jeunes de cette génération une guidance précieuse pour exploiter pleinement le potentiel que Dieu a insufflé en chacun d’eux.

    Ce livre lève également le voile sur la manière dont il convient d’agir selon la volonté divine à chaque étape de votre vie, vous permettant ainsi de vivre consciemment, sans stress ni envie, et d’accéder à une existence empreinte de divinité. Sachez que Dieu a un plan pour vous, et je vous assure que tout ce que vous désirez dans cette vie devient accessible lorsque vous suivez le protocole divin pour l’obtenir.

    Joshua Selman, KENOU LANDRY

    4.500 CFA
  • Contending For Kingdom Relevance 1

    “Contending for Kingdom Relevance” is a thought-provoking and empowering book that explores the importance of living a life of significance and impact in the Kingdom of God. It challenges readers to go beyond mediocrity and complacency, and instead, actively pursue their calling and purpose in order to make a lasting difference in the world.

    In this compelling book, the author shares powerful insights and practical strategies for contending for Kingdom relevance in every aspect of life. Drawing from biblical principles and real-life examples, readers will discover how to align their lives with God’s purposes, overcome obstacles, and navigate the challenges that come with pursuing a life of significance.

    The book emphasizes the need for believers to rise above the status quo and embrace a mindset of excellence and diligence. It delves into topics such as spiritual growth, effective leadership, personal development, and fulfilling one’s unique destiny in God’s Kingdom. Through inspiring stories and actionable steps, readers will be equipped to break free from limitations, embrace their God-given potential, and impact their spheres of influence.

    “Contending for Kingdom Relevance” also highlights the importance of spiritual discernment and staying connected to God’s heart. It addresses the relevance of prayer, seeking God’s guidance, and cultivating a deep intimacy with Him in order to effectively fulfill the divine purpose for one’s life.

    Whether you are a seasoned Christian leader, a young believer eager to make a difference, or someone longing for a more meaningful and purpose-driven life, this book will ignite your passion for Kingdom relevance. It will challenge and equip you to rise above mediocrity, embrace your unique calling, and impact the world around you in a significant way.

    Prepare to be inspired, empowered, and transformed as you embark on a journey of contending for Kingdom relevance. Through the pages of this book, you will gain valuable insights, practical wisdom, and a renewed sense of purpose that will empower you to make a lasting impact for the Kingdom of God.


    8.900 CFA
  • Doing Business with God

    Unleash the Power of Results: Transforming Your Life through Strategic Engagement. Discover the key to manifesting God’s ordained purpose for your life. It’s time to take charge and stop allowing the enemy to play games with your destiny. Engage with understanding and claim what is rightfully yours. Experience the truth of Matthew 11:12, as you tap into the violence that seizes the Kingdom of God by force. This result-driven ministry is dedicated to producing tangible outcomes, leaving no room for empty words or mere theatrics. Align with a teaching that delivers real, undeniable results. Let your fruitful life bring glory to the Father and prove your discipleship. Embrace the mentorship of the Holy Spirit and witness dimensions of success that defy expectations and naysayers. Contend for the breakthroughs you seek, as you partner with heaven to establish realities on earth. Join us as we tie every loose end and fortify ourselves with transformative truths. Experience predictable and consistent results that surpass human desires. Don’t miss out on this life-changing opportunity. Read this book and step into a blessed future.

     Apostle Joshua Selman

    8.500 CFA
  • Dominion: The Secrets Of Dominion

    Unveiling the Divine Seasons: Discover God’s Purpose and Power in Every Time”

    God, being the God of times and seasons, dwells in light, but His interactions with humanity are intricately woven into specific periods. Each season holds a unique purpose and divine activity aligned with God’s Word. His operation is characterized by the distribution of grace and spiritual possibilities that accompany the seasons following His decrees. While it may appear as if God is following individuals, He is, in fact, following His Word. The power of God does not trail behind individuals; it follows the Word of God. When His Word resides within individuals, it appears as though the power is following them. Understanding this crucial truth is paramount, as it is where many people miss out on experiencing the fullness of God’s blessings.

    Embrace the transformative journey offered within these pages, for within them lies profound insights into God’s times and seasons. Discover how to align your life with His divine purposes, tap into the appointed graces for each season, and unleash the spiritual possibilities that await you. Gain a deeper understanding of how God’s Word shapes and directs the course of your life.

    By delving into this book, you will be enriched with wisdom and blessed with the revelation of God’s divine timing. Open your heart and mind to the profound truths contained within these pages, and embark on a journey that will forever change your perspective on God’s seasons. Read this book and be blessed as you embrace the fullness of God’s purpose in your life.

    7.789 CFA
  • Dynamics of Spiritual Power

    There is a key that can take away blindness regardless of your education and level of exposure. There are some things in life that you have to be educated before you can understand them. There are some things in life that you have to be healthy before you can understand them. There are things in life you have to be poor before you understand them. There are some things in life you have to be an ignorant person before you understand them. However, there is a grace that can make all men see regardless of their level and background. Whether you can speak English or not is not an issue. The grace has capacity to quicken your understanding. He say (he shall make him of quick understanding). Whenever the spirit is upon all flesh, his grace can make all men see the mysteries. So, you can partake of a mystery and you can partake of a grace that makes a man to see. Read This Book and Be Blessed.



    8.970 CFA
  • Entering The Realms Of Breakthrough

    Entering the Realms of Breakthrough” is a captivating book that takes you on a transformative journey towards experiencing unprecedented breakthroughs in every area of your life. Through profound insights and practical guidance, the author unravels the mysteries behind attaining breakthroughs and empowers you to overcome limitations, obstacles, and stagnation. This book offers a roadmap to navigate through challenging circumstances, renew your mindset, and activate the supernatural power of God to propel you into new levels of success. From financial abundance to relational restoration, from spiritual growth to emotional healing, “Entering the Realms of Breakthrough” equips you with the principles and strategies to unleash the full potential that lies within you. With engaging stories, powerful testimonies, and biblical wisdom, you will discover how to align yourself with God’s purposes, unlock divine favor, and walk in the abundance that He has destined for you. Whether you are facing a personal crisis or seeking to advance in your career, this book will inspire, motivate, and guide you towards the breakthroughs you’ve been longing for. Prepare to be challenged, encouraged, and empowered as you step into the realms of breakthrough and experience a life of purpose, fulfillment, and extraordinary success.


    8.700 CFA
  • Faith in The Faithfulness Of God

    Faith in The Faithfulness Of God” is a transformative product that invites believers to embark on a profound journey of trust and confidence in the unwavering faithfulness of God. This inspiring resource combines profound biblical insights, personal testimonies, and practical application to strengthen and deepen one’s faith in God’s promises.

    In this compelling product, readers will discover the essence of faith and how it intertwines with God’s faithfulness. Through powerful teachings and relatable stories, “Faith in The Faithfulness Of God” unveils the unchanging nature of God and His commitment to fulfill His Word in every situation.

    The product explores key principles that empower believers to nurture and sustain a vibrant faith that stands firm amidst life’s challenges. It offers practical guidance on how to cultivate a faith-filled lifestyle, anchored in the trustworthiness of God’s character and the reliability of His promises.

    With each chapter, readers will be inspired to step out in faith, casting aside doubt and embracing a confident assurance in God’s faithfulness. The product addresses common struggles and doubts that can hinder faith, providing biblical wisdom and encouragement to overcome obstacles and experience breakthroughs.

    “Faith in The Faithfulness Of God” is not just a theoretical exploration of faith; it is a practical guide that equips believers to apply faith principles in their daily lives. It offers actionable steps, reflective exercises, and empowering declarations that encourage readers to activate their faith and witness God’s faithfulness in action.

    This transformative product is suitable for individuals at any stage of their faith journey, whether they are seeking to strengthen their existing faith or are searching for answers and hope in the midst of challenging circumstances. It is a valuable resource for personal study, group discussions, or as a devotional tool to fuel spiritual growth and deepen one’s relationship with God.

    As readers engage with “Faith in The Faithfulness Of God,” they will be inspired to release their doubts, fears, and limitations and embrace a bold and unwavering faith in the faithfulness of God. This product will ignite a renewed passion to trust God wholeheartedly, walk in His promises, and experience the abundant life He has prepared for His children.

    Embrace the transformative power of faith and embark on a journey of encountering the unwavering faithfulness of God. “Faith in The Faithfulness Of God” will equip, inspire, and empower you to walk in a faith-filled life that overcomes obstacles, receives miracles, and witnesses the faithfulness of God in every season.


    8.900 CFA
  • Fear Not!

    We’re going to pray at the end of this book, I just want to share something very powerful, it will be brief, many things are happening in people’s lives and many of it is due to fear. You’re not only reading to receive information, but there are graces that will be imparted and distributed as you read this book. Praise the Lord. Thank you, Lord Jesus Christ, let’s trust the Lord to open our eyes as read. Please read it with me. There are certain things that I want us to learn. Number one is that when God wants to bless a man, he gives him the spirit of the blessing, the Bible is talking about the giving of spirit here, he is saying that, ‘love’ has the spirit dimension, that ‘power’ has the spirit dimension, that ‘sound mind’ has its own spirit dimension. In any case, what God is saying is that at any given point in time, there are a distribution of spirits, that Scripture is also saying God does not give fear, so when God wants to make your mind to be sound, the thing he does is not to give you any information. but he introduces you to the spirit dimension and there is a transaction that must happen in the realm of the spirit, and then it will manifest as a sound mind. If fear comes to you, it does not promote or come as a psychological reality, the spirit of fear is sent.When that spirit gets a hold of you, it will now take advantage of your faculties of expression and you begin to react to what you may think is psychological called fear. this is a very powerful truth. So, the Bible is saying God had not given the spirit of fear. All spirits are given, and all spirits are received, which is proof that God can give something. So, if the spirit of fear is at work in a man, it means that somehow you received it. Now, whether you are aware or not, that is another thing entirely, the Bible says anything that is given is to be received to find the expression in the life of many that have received it. So the Bible is saying God has not given us this spirit of fear, this is a very powerful revelation.Whatever you have not gotten the spirit of, you have not gotten the reality of the result that the spirit can bring. So, if the spirit of revelation is not upon you, you cannot have a revelation. No matter how you read or study, the spirit is what empowers you to have revelation from the word of the lord. If the spirit of the blessings and the wealth of the kingdom does not come upon you, no matter what you do physically, it will not give it expression, you will not see the result of the kingdom dimension of wealth, that means God starts to lift people by introducing them to the spirit component of everything that he wants to bring them into, our physical dimension here has a great much root in the spiritual dimension and God would grant you access to the spirit dimension of any reality that you desire and then sooner or later you will begin to walk in that reality, so death is a spirit, and before a physical death happens, there is a proposition in the realm of the spirit for it and somehow if for any reason you receive that spirit, what you have received will begin to manifest. Read This Book and Be Blessed

    8.500 CFA
  • Financial Dominion Secret of Kingdom Wealth

    Topics dealt with in the book-Introduction-The concept of prosperity-The Anatomy of God’s Economic System (How God’s Economic System works)-The role of wealth and prosperity in the kingdom-Spiritual laws of wealth and abundance-The natural laws of wealth and abundance-Concept of wealth transferRead This Book and Be Blessed.


    8.999 CFA
  • God’s Ability: In you

    Unlocking the Mystery of Dominion: Discover the Key to Your Breakthrough. Your dominion in life is intricately tied to your understanding of the kingdom’s mysteries. Mere desire is insufficient; you need the key to open every gate on your path to destiny and breakthrough. Experience a transformation fueled by the power of God’s Word. It goes beyond knowledge, shaping you into a living embodiment of its truth and empowering you to manifest what you believe. Let us keep our passion aflame as we seek to know Him and understand His ways. The rewards are boundless for those who diligently seek and find these life-giving truths. Dive into this book and embrace the blessings awaiting you.



    8.900 CFA
  • How To Be Anointed By God

    How To Be Anointed By God” is an insightful and practical guide that unlocks the keys to experiencing the anointing of God in your life. Drawing from biblical principles, personal anecdotes, and deep spiritual insights, this book takes you on a transformative journey to understand and receive the anointing that comes directly from God.

    In this compelling read, the author explores the meaning and significance of God’s anointing, revealing how it empowers believers to fulfill their divine purpose and walk in supernatural power. Through the pages of this book, you will discover the steps and principles necessary to position yourself to receive the anointing and experience a profound spiritual transformation.

    From cultivating a deep intimacy with God to embracing humility and surrender, each chapter offers practical wisdom and actionable steps to help you develop a lifestyle that attracts the anointing of God. You will learn how to align your heart, mind, and actions with God’s will, creating an environment where His anointing can flow freely and abundantly.

    Moreover, “How To Be Anointed By God” addresses common misconceptions about the anointing and provides biblical clarity on how to discern true anointing from counterfeit manifestations. The book emphasizes the importance of spiritual maturity, integrity, and a genuine hunger for God’s presence as foundational elements in receiving and stewarding the anointing.

    Whether you are a seasoned believer desiring a deeper experience of God’s anointing or a new believer seeking to understand its significance, this book offers practical guidance, inspiring stories, and scriptural principles to empower you on your journey.

    As you read “How To Be Anointed By God,” you will be encouraged to cultivate a life of prayer, worship, and obedience, positioning yourself for encounters with the Holy Spirit and His anointing. Through personal reflection questions, practical exercises, and powerful insights, you will be equipped to pursue a greater level of spiritual anointing and experience the transformative power of God in your life.

    Get ready to unlock the secrets of the anointing and step into a new level of spiritual empowerment. This book will inspire, challenge, and guide you as you embark on a journey to be anointed by God and fulfill your God-given destiny.


    8.900 CFA
  • How To Be Fruitful

    The bible says that the word of God counts your life and look at the magnitude of spiritual inheritance to be given to you and then it starts by building you until you rise to the level in the spirit where no weight of spiritual substance on you can break you then it delivers to you, so this is already a word of encouragement so that if nothing is being delivered to you, you are not discouraged because you know that it means capacity is being built. Many times, services like this are not time of receiving things it may be times of building. Many of us just want something we can receive and run away with if it is God, He gives gift according to his riches, there is nothing God gives a man that is small so when God delays before giving you it is because he is waiting for your capacity to retain.It is not enough to receive; you must sustain an ability to retain because you can lose something that God gives to you. The bible says It’s full of things that were once given to men and taken back. So God is able to take advantage of His word to build me, build you, and when we are able to get those attributes, He then deliver to us inheritance among them that are sanctified. Let your word come and bless us oh God in the name of Jesus.



    8.700 CFA
  • How to Gain Spiritual Stature 2

    One of the things that seems to be a disadvantage to man, is the fact that we walk with time, and for the fact that we work with time, we tend to measure our progress based on time, and if after certain periods of time, we do not seem to see certain level of progress, we can get discouraged. Sometimes, we may not know that while we are being discouraged, we are commanding great victories in the spirit, but because we are unable to see with our eyes, the victories that are been won in the spirit, often times the devil cheats us using our senses. He makes us believe all our prayers are for nothing, all our sacrifices are contending for Spiritual things, and I believe that this seems to describe the state of many people and the extension of the body of Christ. Every time you remember ‘time’, you gauge ‘time’ versus your trust, it makes it looks like ‘Oh God, will this year come like that and pass me by? Will my father still round this year with that terminal disease? Will I still not press yet into another dimension?’ etcetera.Read This Book and Be Blessed

    8.970 CFA