Bishop (Dr.) Chris Kwakpovwe is a multifaceted individual with a remarkable journey encompassing various roles and accomplishments. He is an accomplished preacher, Christian minister, trained pharmacist, teacher, businessman, and author. His story is a testament to faith, resilience, and unwavering dedication to his calling.

As the founder and senior pastor of Manna Prayer Mountain (MPM) Ministry Worldwide, headquartered in Lagos, Bishop Chris Kwakpovwe has left an indelible mark on the spiritual landscape. His notable work, “Our Daily Manna,” a daily devotional, has touched the lives of countless individuals seeking spiritual nourishment and guidance.

Beyond the pulpit, Bishop Kwakpovwe’s influence extends far and wide. He is a seasoned traveler and a sought-after speaker in churches, university campuses, leadership conferences, seminars, and crusades worldwide. His passion lies in nurturing a community of believers who are not only spiritually empowered but also committed to the mission of depopulating hell through a strong private and solid fellowship with God.

Born on November 15, 1961, in Ugheli, near Warri in Delta State, Nigeria, Bishop Chris Kwakpovwe is the eldest of twelve children in a middle-class family. Despite the challenges of his upbringing, he was fortunate to receive unwavering support from his parents and the church community, recognizing his exceptional gifts from an early age.

His life took a dramatic turn at the age of six when he was miraculously saved from drowning in the Ibalegbe River in Ughelli. This divine intervention marked the beginning of his remarkable journey. Throughout his childhood and primary education in Ughelli, he consistently impressed his educators with his academic brilliance, securing a full scholarship to Government College Ugheli, one of Nigeria’s elite secondary schools.

Subsequently, Bishop Kwakpovwe pursued his high school education at Government College, Ughelli, Delta State. In 1978, he gained admission to the University of Ife (now Obafemi Awolowo University), where he studied Pharmacy and earned his first degree in 1983. His thirst for knowledge didn’t stop there; in 1999, he obtained a PhD in Theology. Furthermore, he received an honorary doctorate degree in Theology from the Calvary Academy in collaboration with the Lighthouse Christian University, Brooklyn, New York, USA.

Bishop Chris Kwakpovwe’s spiritual journey began at the age of 14 when he was born again on February 3, 1976, while a student at Government College Ugheli. His newfound faith ignited an unquenchable zeal for evangelism. He used his pocket money to print gospel tracks for distribution and conducted Bible classes in the local community as an active member of the Students Christian Association. His dedication earned him nicknames like “Preacher Boy” and “Christopher Jesus” from classmates, albeit in a teasing manner.

His fervent commitment to spreading the gospel led him to face significant risks, including encounters with potential assassins during his bicycle evangelism trips. Despite hardships and opposition, Bishop Kwakpovwe remained steadfast in his faith, even when his father initially withheld school fees due to his prioritization of evangelism over studies. He always acknowledged his father’s influence, who instilled profound moral values and a strong work ethic in him. His father’s constant motivation to “be a lion amongst sheep” and to strive for excellence became the driving force behind his academic pursuits.

Bishop Chris Kwakpovwe’s dedication to the gospel eventually led him to forsake his pharmacy career and answer God’s call to full-time ministry. As a husband to Flora and a father, he made sacrifices, choosing to dedicate his life to serving God and His people rather than experiencing the joys of family life and witnessing his children grow up.

In the realm of ministry, Bishop Kwakpovwe’s journey included working with influential figures such as Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor of the Church of God Mission and the late Archbishop Benson Idahosa in Warri. He also collaborated with Bishop Felix Omobude of Covenant Church in Benin City, Nigeria.

During his undergraduate years at the University of Ife from 1978 to 1983, Bishop Kwakpovwe played pivotal roles within the Evangelical CHRISTIAN UNION (ECU), serving as a student pastor. His association with the renowned missionary, late PA ELTON of ILESHA, Nigeria, was instrumental, and it was PA ELTON who commissioned the late ARCHBISHOP IDAHOSA into ministry.

Bishop (Dr.) Chris Kwakpovwe’s life is a testament to unwavering faith, unyielding determination, and the transformative power of a divine calling. His journey continues to inspire and impact countless lives worldwide, as he dedicates himself to fulfilling his mission of spreading the gospel and guiding others on their spiritual paths ..

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