David Olaniyi Oyedepo (born September 27, 1954) is a Nigerian preacher, Christian author, businessman, architect and the founder of the Living Faith Church Worldwide, and presiding Bishop of the Faith Tabernacle in Ota, Ogun State, Nigeria. The church is also known as Winners’ Chapel International..

The Winners’ Chapel International network of churches is located in over 300 cities, in all states of Nigeria, and in several cities in 45 African nations, Dubai, the United Kingdom and the United States, Europe, Asia and Canada. Oyedepo has been seen as one of the pioneers of the Christian charismatic movement in Africa and has been referred to as one of the most powerful preachers in Nigeria.

He is the Chancellor of Covenant University and Landmark University. He was named in 2011 by Forbes magazine as being the richest pastor in Nigeria. On September 27, 1954, David Olaniyi Oyedepo was born in Osogbo, Nigeria, but is a native of Omu-Aran, Irepodun Local Government Area of Kwara State. He was raised in a mixed religious family. His father, Ibrahim, was a Muslim healer. His mother, Dorcas, was a member of the Holy Order of the Cherubim and Seraphim Movement Church (C&S), a branch of the Aladura movement in Nigeria.  He was raised by his grandmother in Osogbo, who introduced him to the virtues of Christian life via early morning prayers which she attended with him. She also taught him the importance of tithing. Oyedepo studied architecture at the Kwara State Polytechnic Ilorin. He also received a PhD in Human Development from Honolulu University, Hawaii, US.  Oyedepo worked briefly with the Federal Ministry of Housing in Ilorin before resigning to concentrate on missionary work.

David O. Oyedepo was “born again” in 1969, through the influence of his teacher, Betty Lasher, who took an interest in him during his high school days. According to him, he received a mandate from God through an 18-hour vision in May 1981, to liberate the world from all oppressions of the devil through the preaching of the word of faith. This is the inaugural vision that led to the founding of the Living Faith Church World Wide (LFCWW), first called Liberation Faith Hour Ministries, in 1981. Two years later, on September 17, 1983, Pastor Enoch Adeboye, General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, ordained David and his wife, Florence Abiola Akano (known as Faith Abiola Oyedepo) to become pastors and officially commissioned the new church. Five years later, Oyedepo was ordained as Bishop by his life mentor, the late Archbishop Benson Idahosa.

Living Faith Church (AKA Winners Chapel International) started in Kaduna but moved to Lagos, the former capital of Nigeria in July 1989, to start a new branch of the church after Oyedepo claimed to have received instructions from God to reach out to the people of Lagos.

According to Forbes, Bishop David O. Oyedepo is the wealthiest preacher in the world with a net worth of over US$150 million. The church owns four private jets and several buildings, including in London and the US. Oyedepo is an author and publisher who has written over 70 titles apart from periodicals. He is the chairman/publisher of Dominion Publishing House (DPH), a publishing arm of the ministry. DPH has over 4 million prints in circulation to date. Through Oyedepo; Covenant University, Faith Academy, and Kingdom Heritage Model Schools have been established to equip the youth for global impact. The construction of a third university named Crown University is already underway, located in Calabar, Cross River, Nigeria.

In 1998, David O. Oyedepo claimed he was instructed by God to build a new base for the commission to accommodate the increasing number of worshippers. This resulted in Oyedepo’s church’s acquisition of the initial 530-acre (2.1 km2) facility, known as Canaanland, which serves as the headquarters. It is the home of the 50,000-seat capacity auditorium, the ‘Faith Tabernacle’. This was a feat also recorded by the Guinness Book of Records.

Construction was completed within 12 months. Reports also claimed that this building was built debt free. This 50,000-seat edifice was dedicated on September 18, 1999, under the administration of former President Olusegun Obasanjo.

Canaanland is in Ota, Ogun state and is the 5,000-acre (20 km2) estate and campus, that houses The 50,000-seat auditorium, the church secretariat, the church’s youth chapel, a primary school called Kingdom heritage model school, a full boarding mission secondary school called Faith Academy, with over 1,500 students and the Covenant University facilities – which accommodates over 7,000 students, fully resident in ultra-modern hostel facilities – with fully equipped faculty buildings and numerous staff housing facilities. Canaanland campus also has for-profit establishments operated by the church such as a bakery, a bottled water processing plant, a petrol station, various restaurants and shopping stores, several residential houses that provide for the over 2,000 church employees and guesthouses. Four banks are also present on this Estate, three of which are branches of external commercial banks and one which is a community and micro-finance Bank and operated by the Church. The whole of Canaanland which includes a proposed 15,000 housing estate known as Canaan City had increased to 17,000 acres as of 2012.

The Ministry’s biggest annual meeting Shiloh, holds every December in the same Faith Tabernacle and often welcomes thousands of congregants across the world. The ministry is currently building an 100, 000 seater auditorium called the “Ark”, which is reputed to be the building with the largest span in the world.

Winners’ Chapel International operates a Bible training programme known as the Word of Faith Bible Institute for members and non-members alike to develop knowledge of Christian principles as well as to develop leaders and future pastors. The institute is run in major branches of the Church.[26]

David O. Oyedepo is the president of David Oyedepo Ministries International (DOMI). DOMI is the umbrella organisation comprising Living Faith Church World Wide (a global network of churches), World Mission Agency (WMA); the global missionary arm of the church’s operations, Dominion Publishing House; the publishing arm of the church, Covenant University, and the Social Development Missions projects – made up of hospitals, maternity homes, schools, etc.

Oyedepo’s church operates its own publishing house, called Dominion Publishing House (DPH), commissioned on December 5, 1992, which has published over 70 Christian, inspirational and motivational books, mini-books, magazines and other resources.

In 1982 he married Florence Abiola Akano (now known as Faith Oyedepo). They have four children together (David Jr, Isaac, Love and Joyce). David Oyedepo Jr and Isaac Oyedepo were ordained as Pastors in May 2007 by Kenneth Copeland. David Oyedepo Jr formerly pastored the London Branch of the Church with his wife, Kemi but is now the resident pastor of the Ministry’s headquarters church (Faith Tabernacle) while Isaac Oyedepo pastors Winners’ Chapel International, Maryland, in the United States of America with his wife Ayomitide. His first daughter Love is married to Stephen Ogah, who also pastors in Winners’ Chapel. Joyce Priscilla is the last child and second daughter. She married Abimbola Abodunrin in 2020.

  • All You Need To Have All Your Needs Met

    Many have devised ways of meeting their own needs. Yet they are constantly left needy, struggling with limited, insufficient resources. “All You Need To Have All Your Needs Met

    Stressing that God is all you need to have all your needs met, Dr David Oyedepo, in this book, discloses his treasured secrets, which he proclaims have the capacity to terminate your search for blessings by turning you to a blessing.

    It is God’s desire to meet all his children’s needs. But he will only do that on his terms, not on ours. Discover what the father’s terms for meeting your needs are. Don’t just stop at discovering them; go a step further by applying your discovery, and you will be enlisted in the company of those whose needs are all supernaturally met by heaven!


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  • Anointing For Exploits

    Many have limited the mission of the anointing only to spiritual and physical manifestations. However, the anoiting holds the answer to all questions of life. Sadly, many have also assumed thad the anointing is only for preacher, pastors, evangelist, etc. This is far from the thruth, the anointing is relevant to the day-to-day triumph of every child of God. In addition, it is the divine platform that empowers bilievers for exploits.

    Dr David Oyedepo unveils the personality of the Holy Spirit. We need this understanding because the Holy Spirit at work in a man is what produces extraordinary results. Thus, it is impossible to understand what the anointing is without first knowing who the Holy Spirit is. When we understand his personality, it becomes easy to know how he empowers people to accomplish supernatural feats.


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  • Audio Book: Breaking Financial Harship

    Financial hardship is a common feature of life that many identify with in families, homes, business establishements, students and other areas of life.

    In this audio book from Dr. David Oyedepo, you will understand that through financial hardship is real, God has concluded all plans to exempt who obey, serve him and fear his name.

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  • Audio Book: Breaking the curses of life

    Curses are real and unknowingly, many are under its torment. There are forces in the unseen realm that invoke evil on destinies, but you must understand that Jesus has won the victory on your behalf.

    In this audio book, Dr David Oyedepo presents seven basic types of curses and how you can break from them. You have struggled enough; this is your hour of freedom !

    David Oyedepo

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  • Audio Book: Conquering Controlling Powers

    Conquering controlling powers

    There is a spiritual dimension to those habits, controls and depressive moods that have taken a foothol in your life. They are all forces from hell, organized to disconnect you from God’s presence. Therefore, only a spiritual approch can guarantee your total victory.

    In this audio book, Dr David O. Oyedepo provides biblical answers to all issues of satanic oppressions and demonic influences ! Your hour of total liberty has finally come !

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  • Audio Book: Exploits of Faith

    Nothing works in the kingdom of God outsid of faith. It takes faith to get any result in the kingdom.

    Dr David Oyedepo, in this audio book, makes it clear that faith is the principal instrument we must use of, as children of God, to do exploits. Faith is what turns one into an unbeatable personality that cannot be humiliated or stopped. According to Dr. Oydepo, “Faith is what brings a man into the shame-free realm of life… Faith is the beauty of christianity !” Do you want to continue making maximum impact and doing exploits in the affairs of life ? Then, faith is all it takes !


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  • Audio Book: Prophetics Business Forum

    It is God’s will for you to be successful in life. He is absolutely interested in the ultime realizations of your success. The knowledge of your covenant rights to success, will set you free from failure, and throw you into a life of consistent success.

    We are in the days if his power the season for the manifestation of the sons of God. This is the much awaited time when saviours shall arise from Zion and through the many- sided wisdom of God chase poverty to where it belongs.

    David Oyedepo

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  • Audio Book: Success Buttons

    If you want to succeed in every aspect of your christian journey, you must know, understand and apply the laws that govern success.

    In this life transforming audio book, Dr. David O. Oyedepo reveals pratical steps to continuous success. When you diligently engage the principles outlined in this book, you will be free from failure and launched into realms of unending success.

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  • Audio Book: The Force of Freedom

    The force of freedom

    Every evolution- either social or spiritual, has its root in an explosive outpour of the knowledge of the truth (God’s Word). Until we apply that knowledge to that challeging situation, we cannot recover what is rightfully ours.

    In this audio book, Dr. David Oyedepo teaches on how to acquire and apply relevant knoledge in order to dominate circumstances and walk in true liberty.

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  • Audio Book: The Twelve Pillars – Success


    In this “Success Series” Dr David Oyedepo defines success as the satisfactory realization of a given goal or set objectives. Success is not a destination, but a lifelong adventure.

    He said “True and lasting success is rooted in the word of God, nd revelation from the wprd is what guarantees such success. This is because every true revelation from God’s word ignites faith in us for accomplishment”.

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  • Audio Book: The Twelve Pillars- Prayer


    Prayer is a spiritual channel for connesting with helps from above. To be prayerless is to be helpless, because God is committed to sending you help from above, when you call upon him.

    Dr. David Oyedepo, in this series on Prayer unveils how to boost and sustain our faith through prayer, which in turn helps us to actualise our destinies.

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  • Audio Book: The Twelve Pillars- Prosperty


    In the kingdom of God, prosperity is not a promise you claim in prayers or through fasting and confessions; rather, it is a covenant. It only answers to your understanding and practice of the covenant details.

    Dr. David Oyedepo in this prosperity series, reveals the secrets of covenant wealth, and what it takes to enjoy lasting kingdom prosperity.


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  • Audio Book: The Twelve Pillars- Vision


    In this world of darkness, divine guidance becomes one of our greatest assets. In this teaching series, Dr David Oyedepo unvells divine guidance as the gateway to a world of all-round breakthroughs. He says “when Go leads, he makes and keeps whom he leads”. Therefore, our making is in his leadings.

    Our understanding is inadequate to guide our steps into the future God has in stock for us. Again, we serve a God of times and seasons; and divine guidance is what positions us into.

    David Oyedepo

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  • Audio Books: Operating In The Supernatural

    Many have lost their roots in the supernatural. That is why they have tried all they could to change levels, but their efforts end in futility.

    To stem the tide of futility in the affairs of life, Dr David Oyedepo in this audio book, reveals what it takes to understand one’s root in the supernatural, and how to work in the supernatural for desired results.

    This book is a call back to the supernatural, as the way to gain command and control for every beliver, who wants to be distinguished in the affairs of life. For a life of continuous victory, operating in the supernatural is invaluable !

    David Oyedepo

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  • Born to Win

    In our world, many aspire, but very negligibly few ever attain. Christianity does not promise a war free ride through the race of life is warfare, not funfair. The challenges you conted with every day either make or break you; you either overcome or you are overcome.

    Though problems come unendingly, they are not to edge you out of the race; they are your aides de camp to your victorious ending. your weapon lies in embracing this truth that: you are born to win! Shake the dust off your once blooming dreams and brace up for the fight anew. You are created for the top, therefore, take your place!


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  • Born to Win

    In our world, many aspire, but very negligible few attain. Christianity dose not promise a war free ride ttrough the race of life bilievers; rather, it establishes the fact that life is warfare, not funfair.  The challenges you contend every day either make or break you; you either overcome or you are overcome.

    Through problems come unendingly, they are not to edge you out of the race, they are your aides de camp to your victorious ending. Your weapon lies in embracing this truth that: you are born to win! Shake the dust off your once booming dreams and brace up for the fight anew. You are created for the top; therefore, take your place!


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  • Breaking Financial Harship

    In a world plagued by economic uncertainties, where financial hardship prevails, there is a glimmer of hope. This exceptional book, authored by renowned scholar Dr. David Oyedepo, unveils the powerful principles found within the wisdom of the Bible to break free from the chains of financial struggle. It is time to embrace the covenant of financial prosperity.

    Dr. David Oyedepo, drawing upon his profound insights into the realm of kingdom wealth, guides readers on a transformative journey. This scripture-based guide offers an in-depth yet accessible approach to achieving financial security. By applying the timeless truths shared within these pages, you will transcend the boundaries of financial mediocrity and embrace a life of abundance and sufficiency.

    Financial hardship knows no boundaries—it affects individuals from all walks of life, regardless of race, background, class, or orientation. However, within the pages of this book, you will discover a promise of exemption from the burdens of financial struggle. Through unwavering faith and obedient service, you can find solace in God’s covenant of prosperity. Driven by the conviction that financial fortune is not solely attained through prayer or fasting, but through qualitative covenant practices, Dr. David Oyedepo unveils the path to financial liberation.

    If you have experienced the weight of financial hardship, this book is a beacon of hope. Dr. David Oyedepo’s profound teachings will empower you to overcome adversity and align yourself with divine principles. Prepare to embark on a journey towards financial freedom, as you grasp the transformative truths contained within these pages. With “Breaking Financial Hardship: Unlocking the Covenant of Prosperity,” a life of abundance awaits you.



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  • Breaking The Curses Of Life

    Every man’s recovery is traceable to his discovery. The most strategic discovery in any warfare is to uncover the identity of the opponent and ascertain the limit of his weaponry. Fighting the shadows will only frustrate man’s efforts and hand cheap victory to the oppenent.

    Dr David Oyedepo exposes another hidden angle to the challenges confronted by humans. Curses make life a choking experience, imprison destinies and barricade advancement. But there is no curses, no matter how gruesome, that cannot be broken. Every curse has a cause; and the first step to freedom from every kind of curse is making the right diagnosis, and the taking decisive steps to securing one’s liberty.

    Breaking the curses of life is an animated effort initiated to unmask the enn=emy’ vulnerability in this battle and to outfit its victims with kingdom ammunition for non-negociable triumph. Stop crouching througgh life feeling hopeless and helpless. Take spiritual responsibilities and procure your liberty from the stranglehold of curses. This is your hour of liberation.

    Curses are real! Many are under the torments of curses without knowing. Breaking The Curses of Life brings to many who have been snared in holes and hid in prison houses, a way of escape into absolute and glorious liberty. In this book, Dr. David Oyedepo brings to the body of Christ, a powerful presentation of seven basic types of curses. Not only that, you will also get to know how to break these curses off your life, business, family, etc.


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  • Briser les malédictions de la vie

    Êtes-vous fatigué de vivre sous le poids des malédictions qui semblent vous entraver à chaque pas ? Avez-vous déjà ressenti le besoin impérieux de briser ces chaînes invisibles qui vous empêchent de réaliser pleinement votre potentiel ? Ne cherchez pas plus loin, car nous avons le remède à votre situation.

    Dans notre livre captivant, “Briser les malédictions de la vie”, nous vous invitons à plonger dans les profondeurs de la sagesse biblique afin de comprendre et de surmonter les forces invisibles qui cherchent à semer le mal dans votre vie. Nous croyons fermement que la connaissance de l’existence de ces malédictions est la première étape vers leur résolution.

    Les malédictions ne sont pas des superstitions dépassées, mais bien des réalités concrètes qui peuvent avoir un impact direct sur votre vie quotidienne. Elles se manifestent de différentes manières : blocages financiers, problèmes de santé persistants, échecs répétés dans les relations ou les affaires, et bien d’autres encore. Cependant, nous croyons que vous n’êtes pas condamné à vivre sous l’emprise de ces forces négatives.

    Dans notre livre, nous vous guiderons pas à pas pour identifier les sources de ces malédictions et vous donnerons les outils nécessaires pour les briser. Nous vous dévoilerons les principes bibliques essentiels pour vous libérer des liens qui vous retiennent prisonnier et vous aiderons à restaurer votre vie dans toute sa plénitude.

    Rappelez-vous, il n’est jamais trop tard pour prendre les choses en main et changer le cours de votre destinée. Ne laissez pas les malédictions dicter votre vie ; prenez le contrôle et découvrez votre véritable potentiel. Vous méritez de vivre une vie épanouissante, libérée des entraves qui vous empêchent d’atteindre vos rêves.

    Ne reportez pas cette décision cruciale. Prenez l’initiative aujourd’hui même et plongez dans les pages inspirantes de “Briser les malédictions de la vie”. Préparez-vous à être transformé, à recevoir une nouvelle vision et à marcher sur le chemin de la liberté.

    Commandez votre exemplaire dès maintenant et embrassez un avenir radieux, débarrassé des chaînes qui vous entravaient. Ensemble, nous briserons les malédictions de la vie !

    La liberté et la plénitude vous attendent.


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