Matthew Ashimolowo (born March 17, 1952) is the founder and CEO of about 10 profitable businesses including a global television station (KICC TV). He is also the founder of Kingsway International Christian Center (KICC), a Christian charity with a global presence in 214 nations (via television) and a staff of over 1,000 volunteers. His weekly WINNING WAYS broadcast is a source of inspiration and motivation for many people.

Author of 80 books, he is constantly called upon to intervene in the areas of leadership, motivation to succeed, and strategic planning in Europe, America, Canada and Africa.

Her work in the community was recognized among 5,000 guests to hold the flame at the Queen’s Golden Jubilee celebration. He is continually voted as one of the most influential black Englishmen in the charity category.

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  • 10 Ms of Money

    Mistakes – Mindsets – Motives – Mandate – Magnet – Ministry – Miracle – Making – Managing – Multiplying

    “Any religion that claims to be concerned about people without addressing the economic conditions that strangle them is a dry and useless religion.” – Martin Luther King

    “How often have so many others waited for some deity to pour out great blessings of wealth without any effort on their part? To wait for any higher power to give us anything is the first indication of weakness. We were never created to receive without effort, to gain without trying, or achieve without struggle.” – Ed Montgomery

    The church of Jesus Christ continues to address the subject of finance. However, as we draw close to the end of times and as we advance the gospel in this third millennium, the time has come for us to fully understand and maximize the days and opportunities God has given us. The time has come for us to understand the power of the wealthy place, which Christ’s redemptive work has provided. Not only to understand, but to operate in the wealthy place (Psalm 66:12).

    The goal of this book is not for a casual visit but a whole life. It is a call for you to create wealth for generations to come to benefit and to be blessed by. Many Christians have really allowed the spirit of the age to conform them; it is time to be transformed to live in the wealthy place.

    11.499 CFA
  • 10 Points Argent – Le magnétisme vol 2

    Erreurs – mentalités – motifs – mandat – aimant – ministère – miracle – faire – gérer – multiplier

    “Toute religion qui prétend se préoccuper des gens sans aborder les conditions économiques qui les étranglent est une religion sèche et inutile.” – Martin Luther King

    “Combien de fois tant d’autres ont-ils attendu qu’une divinité déverse de grandes bénédictions de richesse sans aucun effort de leur part ? Attendre qu’une puissance supérieure nous donne quoi que ce soit est le premier signe de faiblesse. Nous n’avons jamais été créés pour recevoir sans effort, pour gagner sans essayer, ou pour réaliser sans lutter.” – Ed Montgomery

    L’église de Jésus-Christ continue d’aborder le sujet des finances. Cependant, alors que nous nous rapprochons de la fin des temps et que nous faisons progresser l’Évangile dans ce troisième millénaire, le temps est venu pour nous de comprendre pleinement et de maximiser les jours et les opportunités que Dieu nous a donnés. Le temps est venu pour nous de comprendre la puissance de l’endroit riche, que l’œuvre rédemptrice du Christ a fourni. Il ne s’agit pas seulement de comprendre, mais d’opérer dans le lieu riche (Psaume 66:12).

    L’objectif de ce livre n’est pas une visite occasionnelle mais une vie entière. Il s’agit d’un appel à créer de la richesse pour que les générations à venir puissent en bénéficier et en être bénies. Beaucoup de chrétiens ont vraiment laissé l’esprit du temps les conformer ; il est temps d’être transformé pour vivre dans le lieu riche.


    6.050 CFA
  • 10 Points de l’Argent- Le ministère vol 1

    Les Erreurs – La Mentalité – Les Motifs – La Mission – Le Magnétisme – Le Ministère – Le Miracle – La Manière de le générer – La Gestion – La Multiplication

    « Toute religion qui se réclame de l’intérêt des gens, sans s’intéresser aux conditions économiques qui les étranglent est une religion sèche et inutile. » Martin Luther King

    «Comment souvent certains attendent qu’une divinité répande de grandes bénédictions de richesse sur leur vie sans aucun effort de leur part? Attendre qu’une toute puissance supérieure à nous, nous donne quoi ce soit est une première indication de faiblesse. On n’a pas été créés pour recevoir sans effort, pour gagner sans essayer, ou atteindre sans lutte. » Ed Montgomery

    L’église de Jésus Christ continue de présenter des messages sur le thème des finances. Cependant, comme nous nous rapprochons de la fin des temps et que nous faisons progresser l’évangile dans ce troisième millénaire, l’heure est venue pour nous d’avoir une compréhension complète et maximiser les jours et opportunités que Dieu nous a donnés. Il est temps pour nous de comprendre la puissance de la richesse que l’œuvre rédemptrice de Christ a pourvue. Il ne s’agit pas seulement de comprendre, mais d’opérer dans cette richesse (Psaume 66 :12).

    Le but de ce livre n’est pas à prendre à la légère car c’est une leçon de vie. C’est un appel qui vous est lancé pour que les générations à venir puissent bénéficier de la richesse et en être bénies. De nombreux chrétiens ont réellement permis à l’esprit de cet âge de les formater; c’est le moment d’être transformé pour vivre dans l’abondance.

    6.750 CFA
  • 100% Life Improvement vol 2

    Life indeed can be a work in progress, an abandoned project, a disaster or masterpiece. Whichever we choose to be has a biblical precedence; Daniel, Samson, Solomon, David etc. The names are many and endless; however we have seen that we can truly improve. The pathway has been defined and the method for making it happen has been shown. Let us be hungry for more. The road to 100% is always under construction but let us not stop at 50%.

    10.525 CFA
  • 12 Major Steps For Perpetuating Wealth

    God gives seed to every man so that they can reproduce themselves in the next generation. We were made to live for a generation and to leave legacies for the coming ones. When we fail to realise this we end up living and dying for ourselves.

    ‘12 Major Steps for Perpetuating Wealth’ explores the many reasons why people end up not creating wealth, and it makes a compelling case for creating perpetual wealth.

    This insightful piece of work will equip the reader with the concepts and practical tools necessary for creating and perpetuating the wealth God puts into their hands.

    The fact that this book challenges the reader to work towards leaving a legacy, makes it a beneficial read – not only for the reader and his generation but also for the generations to come.

    10.525 CFA
  • 30 Quenchers of Marital Love

    Solomon talks of love as being a path of experience. It is as strong as death in his words. It is as unyielding as the grave and burning like a blazing fire, like a mighty flame. He concludes that true love, real love cannot be quenched by many waters, neither can rivers wash away its effect.

    We, however, all know one or two people whose relationships in life in the area of romance and marriage have not worked out. So truly, many waters may not be able to quench love, rivers may not be able to wash it away but there are certain things that have made themselves quenchers of marital love: money problems, jealousy, sexual problems and many more.

    The whole purpose of this book is to highlight these challenges and to look at biblical answers to the daily problems which married couples or singles intending to marry face. I have attempted at all levels to make the answers biblical as well as contemporary. However, the mind of the Lord in the word of God takes supremacy in the subject of marital love because God thought about marriage first. He initiated it and if it must work we must go back to the original thought and idea of God.

    7.950 CFA
  • 31 Pillars of Divine Favour

    When you have favour at work, your promotion is not determined by the regular levels. It is meteoric, not methodical. It is miraculous and beyond man’s imagination. When favour goes to the market place with you, it causes you to get things lesser than everyone is paying. Everyone wants to bless you because of favour upon you. When favour takes a journey with you, you can get the seat you did not pay for, whether it is in a train, a coach or a plane. You will practically enjoy a cloud of glory when favour marks you out. In this book I want to set out for you 31 pillars of divine favour. Each pillar is a clear indication of what can happen to a man or woman, a church, a family, an employee or an employer company that comes under the family of God’s favour.

    8.050 CFA
  • 31 Secrets to A Successful Marriage

    Marriage has been called the “great institution” but modern man has made it look like the “great mistake”. We live at a time when marriage the great expectation of all humanity now results in the unexpected. When you look at the statistics of marriage, in the United Kingdom for example, the statistics are grim. One in three homes is led by a single parent. We did not have such a picture when God first instituted marriage. Divorce has risen by more than sixty-eight percent since the Sixties. Every year, Seventy thousand separations take place in the United Kingdom alone the highest rate being amongst those who are living together. Eighteen thousand teenagers get pregnant every year. To complicate matters, television, radio,newspaper, magazines, in fact, all aspects of the media now affect the moral fabric of society. It belittles the institution of marriage, berates the church, exalts infidelity and promotes the “living together thing”, making a mockery of virginity. Is Successful marriage possible? Can marriage really be healthy? – The answer will be an absolute YES. Firstly based on Scripture, Secondly based on principles derived from it and thirdly because we are surrounded by cloud of witnesses of those who are making a success out of their marriage despite the grim statistics. With the thirty one secrets shared in this book, you will be challenged to build a victorious and successful marriage.

    8.050 CFA
  • 33 Lois Irrévocables de la Création des Richesses

    L’intention de ce livre n’est pas de vous enthousiasmer mais de vous montrer pourquoi nous devons appliquer ces lois afin de créer des richesses. C’est la volonté de Dieu de bénir les hommes et de leur donner la capacité de créer des richesses pour Le servir, profiter pleinement de leur propre vie, aider leur famille et impacter leur génération. Cependant aujourd’hui, un esprit religieux a perverti la Parole de Dieu en assimilant toute tentative de créer des richesses à de la convoitise. Le diable s’en réjouit puisque cela diminue le potentiel de l’église. Dans un monde gouverné par l’argent, l’église est incapable d’évangéliser efficacement.

    Dans cet ouvrage visionnaire et percutant, Matthew Ashimolowo met en lumière plus de trente lois de la création des richesses et définit les étapes que chaque croyant doit franchir à titre personnel pour créer de la richesse et devenir une bénédiction pour sa génération.

    8.625 CFA
  • 35 Marks of Irrepressible Leadership

    Our world is at a crossroads. It is confronted with issues, problems and threats that were before unknown. This scenery calls for a kind of leader who is irrepressible. Yes, irrepressible!

    This kind of leader cannot be restrained. This kind of leader believes in change and makes it happen. They have the guts to step forward, to take risks and lead organisations and nations into the place of much needed change. During downturns, they are the ones who make economies rebound.

    35 powerful principles have been put together to present the irrepressible leader; the one who brings meaning to life and helps people to become performers.

    This book will help you to further develop your leadership style to achieve the success hitherto dreamt about. It will help you to foster trust and develop the capacity to lead in your chosen field with uncommon ability.

    11.450 CFA
  • Be The Best

    Be the Best: 9 Powerful Keys to a Successful Life – Rising Above Mediocrity” is an inspiring book that reveals the essential keys to unlocking the hidden treasures in your life. The author invites you to take these keys and explore the vast untapped capabilities that await you.

    Through nine captivating steps, you’ll discover how to rise above mediocrity and achieve a truly successful life. These steps include managing your time effectively, defining your destination, the path to financial independence, the importance of renewing your thoughts, strategizing for success, and the adage that “not guts, not glory.”

    This book guides you with wisdom and insight, encouraging you to step out of your comfort zone and embrace a life full of success and accomplishment. By applying these nine powerful keys, you will be able to overcome obstacles, achieve your most ambitious goals, and live a truly fulfilling life.

    “Be the Best: 9 Powerful Keys to a Successful Life – Rising Above Mediocrity” is a valuable companion for anyone who aspires to live an exceptional life. By immersing yourself in this book, you will be equipped with the tools needed to unlock your full potential and let the best version of yourself shine.

    Matthew ASHIMOLOWO

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  • Be the Best Rising Beyond Mediocrity

    In life, we are all invited to partake in the abundance of blessings that surround us, but oftentimes we lack the keys to unlock the door to that treasure house. In “Be the Best: Rising Beyond Mediocrity”, you will find the keys that will enable you to unlock your full potential and discover the greatness within you.

    Author Matthew Ashimolowo presents nine important keys that will help you tap into your untapped abilities and rise beyond mediocrity. By managing your time effectively, defining your destination, finding your financial freedom, discovering the power of a transformed mind, strategizing for success, and knowing that no guts, no glory, you will have the tools necessary to overcome any obstacle and achieve the success you desire.

    Based on biblical wisdom, this book offers a practical guide to unlocking your full potential and living a life of abundance. You will learn how to apply the principles of success to every area of your life and discover the greatness within you that has been waiting to be unleashed.

    Don’t settle for a life of mediocrity. Order your copy of “Be the Best: Rising Beyond Mediocrity” today and discover the keys to unlocking your full potential and living a life of success and abundance. With these keys, you will have the power to unlock the door to the treasure house of life and take as much as you want.

    13.200 CFA
  • Breaking the Grip of Fear

    What is significance? Significance is to be extra-ordinary, which is synonymous with Amazing, Marvellous, Peculiar, Prodigious, Remarkable, Singular, Strange, Striking, Uncommon, Unprecedented, Unusual, Wonderful, Rare and Odd.The journey to significance is therefore making a mark on earth to the glory of god, becoming a success to the glory of god, and making others a success.It is what people will remember when your name pops up, while you are alive and after you’ve gone. It goes beyond succeeding – it has to do with impact.When we say, ‘David’, we remember the Psalms and the City of David. When we say, ‘Solomon’, we remember his books and the temple. When we mention ‘Paul’, we remember the epistles and the spread of Christianity. What will you be remembered for?

    7.075 CFA
  • Faire la Guerre à l’Esprit de Pauvreté

    Le dictionnaire définit la pauvreté comme l’état ou la condition de posséder peu ou pas d’argent, de biens ou de sources de revenus. A partir de ces définitions, il est juste de conclure que la pauvreté est l’absence de tout ce qui peut rendre la vie d’une personne confortable et agréable. Plus une personne est pauvre et plus l’impact de la pauvreté sera grand dans sa vie et dans celle de sa descendance. Plusieurs solutions ont été explorées pour tenter de résoudre le problème de la pauvreté.

    La Parole souligne clairement que la pauvreté est un esprit. Jusqu’à ce qu’il soit traité en tenant compte du point de vue biblique, l’esprit de pauvreté ainsi que de sévir, contrôlant les gens de génération en génération. Faire la guerre à l’esprit de pauvreté explique les raisons derrière la dominance de cet esprit ; comment l’esprit de pauvreté se manifeste dans une vie, et ses conséquences sur une vie sous son influence.

    Ce livre vous montrera comment briser l’emprise de cet esprit qui a atteint des milliards de personnes dans un asservissement perpétuel de génération en génération. Faites la guerre à l’esprit de pauvreté, soyez affranchis et marchez dans une liberté totale.

    7.150 CFA
  • God, Guts and Glory

    As God created man in His own image, it has always been His intention that man reflects God’s glory. Our calling and ordination therefore, is one of glory and virtue.
    The fall of man in the Garden of Eden was more than the loss of man’s status and the introduction of sin. All of man’s glory was lost by that act.
    When we get born again, the Word of God begins the work of restoring that lost glory.
    This insightful and inspiring book will help you to understand what the manifestation of glory is, why one should persist in the face of adversity and how to unlock the glory that God wants to reveal in your life.

    7.075 CFA
  • La puissance de la dîme

    Ces dernières années, le sujet de la dîme, comme enseigné dans la Bible, a donné lieu à des débats, des questions et a provoqué de nombreuses réactions, dont certaines portent sur la nécessité de donner sa dîme. Les questions incluent «la dîme est-elle une nécessité ?», « Était-ce destiné aux croyants du Nouveau Testament, où est-ce strictement réservé aux personnes régies par la loi mosaïque ?» Se pourrait-il qu’elle ait été abrogée avec les lois lévitiques qui ont été accomplies lorsque le Christ a été crucifié ? Sommes-nous sujets aux mêmes malédictions que l’ancien Testament cite s’ils n’apportaient pas la dîme.’’

    Dans ce livre, j’essaierai une exégèse du sujet et je clarifierai les trois fois où nous voyons que la dîme a été pratiquée dans la Bible. C’est-à-dire : avant la loi de Moïse, deuxièmement, comme établi par la loi de Moïse et troisièmement sous l’alliance de grâce où nous voyons Jésus se conformer au sacerdoce de Melchisédek.

    5.500 CFA
  • La Touche Créative

    Ce livre soutient que vu que nous sommes créés à l’image de Dieu, notre Créateur, nous possédons tous des capacités créatives innées.

    Il démontre comment nos expériences et notre approche dans la vie peuvent freiner ces capacités.

    En mettant l’accent sur la valeur et le rôle de la créativité dans nos vies, il offre diverses manières dont nous pouvons développer et utiliser ces capacités créatives.

    8.050 CFA
  • Leadership Principles of Prophet Moses

    Biblical Moses was one of the most profound people who ever lived.
    His dramatic rescue by the princess of Egypt and subsequent upbringing in the palace prepared him for the arduous task of leading three million people through the wilderness.
    His education gave him the opportunity to document the account of creation. Raising leaders, managing change, dealing with a diversity of expectations made him to be an appropriate person to study for leadership.
    His meekness made it easy to make room for protégés. He was a people person. It is my sincere hope that Moses’ style will challenge you to refocus your leadership style.

    13.200 CFA
  • Let’s Talk About Sex

    The subject of this book is touchy for Christian that it has become a rare topic on our book stands. A generation is being raised in the Church that is sometimes under-informed about sex from a biblical perspective. Where there is an absence of proper and correct information, people will turn to friends, movies, television,magazines, romance, novels, music, peer groups or relatives. If our understanding of sex comes from everywhere else except God, the Church and the Bible,then our view will be lopsided and based on human ideas. Sometimes the Church only talks of sexual purity. Sex is a rounded matter that needs to be approached in a godly, yet informed way.

    5.300 CFA
  • Provoking God’s Visitation

    God wants to visit you and when God comes to visit, He is coming with the intention to come and dwell with, sojourn and reside with you for a period of time. Our discourse in this book is about when God visits: a divine visitation.

    Divine visitation is that dimension of God that takes challenges far away from you. It breaks you free from the power of stress, looses you from the control of tension and makes you grow in the blessings of God.

    God visits you because whatever affects you, affects Him. The Bible calls us, “His people and the sheep of His pasture.” Your health is of concern to Him. Your marriage is of concern to Him. Your financial welfare is of concern to God. Your vision in life, and how it pans out, is of concern to Him and because of His love for you, He does not want you to go in the wrong direction.

    God has a purpose and plan for your life that will provoke His visitation. By prayerfully reading this book you will discover why God wants to visit you; what you can do to provoke His visitation and the blessings that you will experience when God visits you.

    Matthew ASHIMOLOWO

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    6.155 CFA