Mary Kay Ash: a legendary leader, she was an American businesswoman and the founder of Mary Kay Cosmetics Inc., a skincare-focused company. Her business generated a revenue of over 1.2 billion dollars and had an international sales force spanning multiple countries. Mary Kay Ash was always ahead of her time.

She transformed the business world by creating more opportunities for women, built a company guided by her values, and empowered women to take control of their own destinies. She often told others, “Never, absolutely never compromise your principles.”

Faith in God and dynamism were the keys to this businesswoman’s success, rooted in her Christian convictions. Indeed, the philosophy of Mary Kay Cosmetics has always been, “God first, family second, career last.” Mary Kay Ash attributed the success of her business to her initial decision to “partner with God.”

Mary Kay Ash founded her company over half a century ago but remains a profound source of inspiration for millions of women. Throughout her life and posthumously, Ash received numerous honors and accolades from the media, business groups, and others for her commitment to empowering women and her company’s accomplishments.

Having experienced workplace inequality, she wanted to change things for herself and for all women. In 1963, she launched her company and disrupted the status quo by entering a business world entirely dominated by men. A visionary entrepreneur and a champion of change, Mary Kay Ash devoted her life to women’s success.

Mary Kay Ash firmly believed that one can achieve great heights by applying strong Christian values. She remained true to the lessons that shaped her character and the principles of the Golden Rule, ensuring that she led by example, uplifted others, and celebrated their achievements. “Above all, never compromise your principles,” she would repeat. A globally recognized entrepreneur known for her unwavering integrity, this exceptional leader continues to inspire millions of women worldwide.

Committed to fundraising for charitable causes, she founded the Mary Kay Ash Charitable Foundation to raise funds to combat domestic violence and cancers affecting women. Her unshakeable integrity has inspired millions of women and made her one of the world’s greatest entrepreneurs and leaders. The lives of these successful entrepreneurs demonstrate that Christian life is not at all incompatible with entrepreneurial practice. Let us give the rightful place to the Lord Jesus Christ in our endeavors, and we will see how faithful the God we worship truly is.

This text is an excerpt from the book “Christian and Entrepreneur“, written by Victoire Lufuluabu KALALA.

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