When I converted to Christ, the foundation of the teachings I received referred to 2 Corinthians 5:17, which we read above: “Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come: The old has gone, the new is here!” But when I compared my experience with this biblical statement, the difference was significant. I prayed and healed the sick, cast out demons, but I was truly poor! Even the clothes I wore had been given to me by benefactors who no longer wanted them because they were worn out.

When non-Christians asked me where my God was, I could provide no answer. This lasted until the day I met a prophetess named Yvonne in Ivory Coast. I had received a revelation about this paralyzed prophetess. She had been bewitched by her maid, a witch who had received these powers during a trip to Benin.

When I presented myself to deliver her from the bewitchment, I received a clear word of knowledge indicating that her paralysis had been caused by her servant. Her husband did not believe it. He said he distrusted prophets because of their absurd revelations.

For him, the little maid was a nice little girl who performed her household tasks properly. I brought the maid and asked her directly why she had bewitched her mistress. She admitted that she was not a friend of God but rather a child of the devil. She had been commissioned by the witches in the neighborhood who used her as a channel to kill Yvonne. The witches told her to use her orphan status to implore Yvonne’s mercy and be taken in by her.

Together, they would then do whatever it took to kill the servant of God. Pauline, the witch servant, revealed that she had placed pieces of glass in Yvonne’s feet and genital organs.

To remove the shards, she projected herself astrally but warned beforehand that the operation would be very painful. She managed to remove the shards in two steps, not without causing enormous pain to Yvonne. At the end of the operation, she told Yvonne to move her feet. She did so effortlessly. That was the end of her paralysis. It was on this occasion that I met Yvonne for the first time. As I was about to leave, she prayed for me and told me bluntly that I was under the influence of a curse. This statement hurt me, and I took it as an insult.

She insisted and said that the curse that haunted me came from my ancestors. I decided to pray first to discern her claims. Thus, during the night, I saw myself in a dream bound with wire, and I couldn’t move. When I woke up in the morning, I went straight to Yvonne’s house. Before praying for my deliverance, she asked me to apologize for all the sins committed by my ancestors. When she finished praying, she announced that God had delivered me from misery. If it had not been done, she told me, I would heal the sick, make the mute speak, make the paralyzed walk, but I would die without ever prospering on this earth.

Brothers and sisters, the spirit of curse does not prevent us from dancing, singing, evangelizing, and prophesying. But our personal life in general: marriage, financial and material prosperity, and others are doomed to failure. Everything will be difficult, like a dead-end road. We will see many people around us climbing the ranks and moving forward.

As for us, we will perceive it as a stopper that closes an opening in our daily walk.

This text is an excerpt from the book “The Curse of Generations” written by Prophet Emmanuel SAWADOGO.

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