Dear Husband, It’s Your Turn to Fuel Her Oxygen “Communication”!

Prepare your conversation topics in advance.

Take note of anything noteworthy that happens during your day and share it with your wife at the end of the day or call her during your break to exchange thoughts with her.

Let her be the first to know.

Don’t make the mistake of informing someone else before her. It may seem unnatural. But for a start, intentionally apply this and you’ll be surprised at the quality of exchange you’ll develop with your wife based on endless stories.

Don’t interrupt your wife.

When your wife feels the need to speak, let her express her emotions freely. This exercise is not easy but it will help strengthen the bond between you and your wife as she will find you to be a listening ear.

Be quick to apologize. Don’t hesitate.

This attitude will keep the flow of the “communication” river constant and the water won’t have time to stagnate.

Don’t resort to the silent treatment.

Always keep communication as a way of life in your relationship. Whatever happens, let this reflex remain. Always create and promote space for good communication with your wife.

Pray for her and with her.

Prayer is what your wife needs to find the strength to face certain situations that trouble her soul and peace. Accompany her in prayer so that she (re)finds the strength to continue to remain strong in the Lord…

This text is an excerpt from the book “Love it and Respect it” written by Teddy NGBANDA.

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