Dear wife, Ask for your husband’s permission, don’t just inform him!

…Yes, for some women, this may seem shocking. But if you want your husband to take his place as the “head,” give him the opportunity, give him the reins. A woman might think it’s exaggerated and especially old-fashioned… and yet. Your husband feels respected when you seek his blessing for specific decisions or projects. It’s not about asking permission to lift a finger and becoming overly dependent.

Of course not! But don’t make decisions on your own and then just impose them on him or inform him afterwards. He will perceive from you a hint of independence that he will interpret as a lack of respect. I repeat, in your husband reside the genes of the leader. It’s divine! If you want him to function properly, fill his reservoir of authority.

Dear wife, don’t be overly focused on your feelings to the point of neglecting those of your husband. You must learn to guard your heart. Otherwise, you will be seized in certain situations by an internal fear that, transmitted to your husband in a clumsy form, will give him the sensation that you are trying to dominate him or disrespect him. And know that he will resist you, even if your request is sensible. Many husbands vigorously resist their wives (whether they are right or not) solely to make them understand that they do not have authority over them.

One element that frustrates and puzzles many husbands is to realize that their wives do not have a dominant character outside the home. They then feel like doormats on which their wives unleash their frustrations at home, and this fuels the feeling of disrespect towards them. They think to themselves: “My wife respects her boss, her father, her older brother, her pastor, even the bus driver and the neighbor across the street… except me, her husband!”

This text is an excerpt from the book “Love Her, It’s All She Desires and Respect Him, It’s What He Needs” written by Teddy NGBANDA.

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