Dear Husband, Whatever You Do, DON’T Tell Her…

In times of conflict, resist the temptation to throw at your wife phrases like, “Forget it!”, “Shut up!”, “You’re talking nonsense!”.

These are the trump cards husbands use to abruptly end a tense conversation and halt the flow of words and emotions from their wives.

Dear husband, unwilling to navigate the tumultuous terrain of emotions due to your natural ineptitude in that area, you may instinctively avoid this zone of discomfort at all costs. If you’re not careful, you risk acting towards your wife in a harsh and abrupt manner, raising your voice or using hurtful words and attitudes towards her.

For your wife, such behavior is an open door to potential resentment and wounds. She will feel misunderstood and rejected by you. Needing to communicate with you, the feeling of rejection can be deeply frustrating.

Furthermore, for her, the issue remains. Since she couldn’t release her overflow of emotions and frustrations, she will think that you’re still upset with her.

She cannot believe that you are actually moving on without fully addressing the issue.

Men have the ability to compartmentalize information. It’s like a series of closets with a specific label on each of them. They deal with one closet at a time. And when the closet is sorted,… it’s sorted.

Women, on the other hand, have the particularity of interconnecting all information. It’s like a large interconnected electrical network where a simple isolated short circuit can cause a general power outage.

That’s why most women are inclined to multitask.

Your wife doesn’t understand how you can put the situation in a closet and pretend not to be affected anymore. She will always feel that you’re angry and upset with her. And as long as this discomfort persists, you’ll be bombarded with questions such as, “Tell me what’s wrong!”, “Are you still angry?”, “What did I do to deserve you treating me like this?”…

This text is an excerpt from the book “Love Her, It’s All She Desires, and Respect Him, It’s What He Needs” written by Teddy NGBANDA.

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Dear Husband

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