Declaration 76

I am safe. In the air, on/under water, and on solid ground, I fear neither the unknown nor danger. Day and night, I remain on the wings of the Most High, and my trust in Him is complete. The components of my feet, my bike, my motorcycle, my car, my plane are in perfect harmony with the hand of God. I remain in perfect harmony with infinite security, other members of my family, as well as other pedestrians, drivers, and users of the same route as me. When I travel or move, I remain constantly serene, at peace, and filled with the joy of moving/traveling. I rely on the divine to guide me, direct me, and to turn me away from what is not in His plan for me.

Declaration 77

I fully trust in Divine goodness on Earth. I know that divine intelligence watches over me at all times and everywhere. I let go, and I am calm. I know that serenity reigns in all facets of my life. Divine law and order reign supremely.

Declaration 78

I am the sole power that exists in my universe, and I create a life filled with peace, love, joy, and satisfaction. I completely free myself from my fears, doubts, and life becomes simple and easy for me. I create a stress-free universe. I relax all the muscles in my neck and release all tension in my shoulders. I inhale and exhale slowly, and I relax a little more each time. I am fully in control and able to face whatever comes my way. I am centered and focused. I feel increasingly secure every day. I am equally honorable and well-balanced emotionally. I am comfortable in my own skin and at ease with others. I express my emotions with confidence and remain serene no matter what happens. I maintain wonderful relationships with my friends, family members, colleagues, and appreciate them.


These declarations are excerpts from the book “Living in Harmony with Abundance” written by Gildas S. TONOUKOIN.

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