Enchanting a person is subjecting them to the magical effect of evil invocations, an enchantment. Enchantment is a magical power exercised over a human being or even over any living creature with the aim of animating, seducing, or spiritually manipulating them. For example, an enchanter can manipulate a snake, tame it by enchantment, and manage to grasp it without any risk of being bitten.

In Ecclesiastes 10 verse 11, it is written:

If the serpent bites without enchantment, there is no advantage for the enchanter.

The “Women Listening” version helps to better understand this verse:

If the serpent bites because it has not been charmed, the charmer has no advantage.” Ecclesiastes 10:11

It is therefore possible to charm a person through enchantment. Enchantment makes enchantment possible. All acts of enchantment have the fundamental aim of controlling the personality of the other in order to manipulate their will and emotions. A man can charm a girl who refuses to yield to his advances. He can do this through enchantment. It often happens that the person charmed for love or for the manipulation of their emotions becomes agitated and socially and spiritually disintegrated. The reason is that there is no good Satan; for the thief, as Jesus Christ said, comes only to steal, kill, and destroy.

The thief comes only to steal, kill, and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.” John 10:10

What needs to be added here is that enchantment is a work of men against their fellow beings. Women enchant men to extract money from them through mystical powers. Workers enchant their colleagues and bosses to get promotions. The one who enchants may find that the victim becomes what he never imagined or wished. In reality, when one enchants a person, they deliver them to the power of satanic forces so that these powers can emotionally and psychologically manipulate them to the advantage of the author of the enchantment. This manipulation often causes serious oppressions that can lead to madness or even physical death.

Testimony of Sister F.A. delivered from depression caused by enchantment.

My name is F.A. I am married and a mother of three children. In 1996, I met a man with whom I was living in the sin of fornication. This relationship lasted only four months because my partner in sin was very addicted to alcohol and cigarettes, vices he had hidden from me. When I discovered them, I did not hesitate to express my dissatisfaction and my aversion to these vices.

In the days following our conversation, I noticed that my partner in sin not only persisted in his vices but also made me drink an alcoholic beverage, making me believe it was a sweet drink. This was the last straw: I realized I was in danger.

Out of concern for my safety, I informed my partner in sin of my decision to end our relationship. Of course, he vehemently opposed it, claiming that I was the woman of his life. There was no question for me of turning back; my decision was made. After many attempts to win me back, he seemed to accept the inevitable: I was firm in my decision. But he had not said his last word; I learned that to my detriment.

Indeed, this man had gone to a marabout with his mother with the aim of enchanting me, so that I would come back to him and become his wife. This is a truth he confessed to me himself, a few years later. My ex-partner in sin came to the house with a gift which he entrusted to my sister while I was absent. Upon my return home, she handed me the said gift. I took the package from her hands with a lot of hesitation. Upon opening it, I found: a pair of shoes, and two pieces of clothing.

Certainly, I had not yet given my life to the Lord Jesus Christ, but upon receiving these gifts, I felt in my spirit that I had to get rid of them immediately. Unfortunately, I did not obey. I gave the pair of shoes to a girl in the neighborhood who was very close to me. I also gave one of the two (2) pieces of clothing to my younger sister; I reserved the second piece of clothing for myself. The thought of getting rid of the clothes constantly came to mind. So I decided to throw mine away, but I lacked the power to do so.

So I left it in my wardrobe with the firm intention not to touch it. A week after I gave the pair of shoes to the girl, I was informed of her death following a traffic accident. Instinctively, I asked her mother, who gave me this information, which shoes her daughter was wearing at the time of the accident. She replied: “The shoes you gave her”.

Her answer intrigued me a lot and I resolved, once again, not to wear the garment in my possession and to get rid of it later. I had made a very serious mistake. Two months passed. Then one evening, I cannot explain how, the idea came to me to wear the garment to sleep. I did; it was a mistake.

Indeed, in the early hours of the morning, I woke up from my sleep with the unpleasant sensation that a reptile, which I could not see, was slithering between my legs. It was a horrible sensation. I wondered what was happening to me and what this thing was that was slithering between my legs. I was very afraid; I thought I was going crazy. This situation lasted for at least four (4) days and four (4) nights.

The fourth night was a real ordeal for me; I tried as best I could to grasp something between my legs that I could not see or grasp. Finally, I burst into tears. I sat on the floor, with my legs half apart, and I asked the Lord to come to my rescue. I felt like I was going crazy. That’s when my spiritual eyes opened, and I saw a huge python snake between my legs entering me through my private parts. I tried to grab this huge snake that was entering me, but in vain. I was terrified to know that I had a snake inside me and that I was therefore a snake.

When I went out of the house, I was very self-conscious because I thought that people who saw in the spiritual world saw the big snake in me. Sometimes, when I walked down the street, I imagined the snake standing on its tail, moving at the same time as me. When someone looked at me intently, I thought they were looking at the snake in me.

At that time, I was a student at the Félix Houphouët-Boigny University of Cocody. I obtained my BAC in 1993. The first two years at the University had been very easy for me. I was always admitted during the exams at the end of the year. I had not yet met my partner in sin. I was happy, and everything was going well. In the third year of University, I was enrolled in the UFR of Legal and Political Sciences, in a private license, with an option in business career. That’s when my life changed. The partner in sin had just entered my life. This relationship negatively impacted my studies.

After I ended the relationship and the python entered me, I could no longer concentrate properly on my studies; I missed lectures and tutorials. My grades were getting worse. I was very stressed and disturbed. I slept very little, and I lacked sleep because, at night, I was afraid to fall asleep.

That year, I failed miserably in the end-of-year exams. I had to retake my license year. Sometimes I felt like running away, going far, far away. But I pulled myself together and said to myself, “Where do you want to go? What do you want to flee from? The thing you want to flee from is within you, so what’s the point?” I lived like this for four (4) years, from 1996 to 2000.

I come from a large Catholic family. I detested everything related to evangelicals. In my view, evangelicals were children of the devil. I should not come into contact with them under any circumstances. They had to be avoided at all costs.

When evangelicals approached me in the street to preach the gospel to me, to talk to me about Jesus, I told them that I already knew him and quickly avoided them. Woe to them if they mentioned the point of sin; I would flare up with anger and curse them in the street. And yet, I lived a life of fornication, lies, theft, sorcery, cheating at school. I was filled with hatred, bitterness, desire for revenge, I had four abortions to my credit… Oh, I was filled with sins but I was veiled, blinded by religion. I said to myself, “I was born Catholic, I will die Catholic. And at my death, I will go directly to heaven.” Nothing and no one could dissuade me, or at least, I believed so, until I was confronted with this snake.

After four years of suffering, loneliness, and great fear, I began to seek deliverance. To do this, I first started attending so-called “renewal” Catholic communities. I stayed there for just two weeks because I did not find satisfaction. So I threw myself wholeheartedly into Catholicism. I consecrated myself to the Virgin Mary during a grand official ceremony after two weeks of training. I also joined the Legion of Mary, the liturgical group of the parish. Despite these activities, I still did not find satisfaction.

I had one last alternative: to turn to the evangelicals. I had met a group supposedly evangelical that met in the evenings for prayer. Their specialty was deliverance. I thought I was safe. I had several deliverance sessions. For my protection, I had to light a candle to pray, then at the end of the prayer, I had to dip it in water adding a few drops of a special perfume, and finally, I had to wash myself with this water.

The spirits of deceased members of the group and other people spoke through the group’s prophetess. The pastor of the group made us do yoga every Sunday morning. We spoke in tongues, healed the sick. The name of the yoga guru was more frequently pronounced than that of Jesus. I found all these things very strange. My joy was short-lived…

This text is an excerpt from the book “Deliverance From Depression” written by Pastor Boniface Menye.

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