The proof of His existence is the demonstration of His power. ‘Go and show John again…’ The power of faith is the ability to demonstrate what God has done in the past.

My residence is located on Ugbor Road, GRA, in Benin City. Before I owned the land on which the house is built, it had been a sacred ground, set apart for traditional gods, and for three hundred years, it was a place where no one could come near after six o’clock. One day, I went to the urban planning office and informed them of my desire to acquire a site for residential construction. I had a dream in which not only had I overthrown the devil, but I had also dispossessed him of his land. So, I thought it was a good opportunity to dispossess the devil of the land that ignorant idolaters had inadvertently dedicated to evil.

I thought it would be thrilling to open up the place, drive out the devil, and turn it into a residential area for humans.

Demons have no right to possess land while humans do not have enough to occupy. If I am a man of God, let fire come down and consume the habitation of demons and cleanse it for the people of God!

At the city planning office, I was informed by officials that the place was sacred and dedicated to certain revered earth gods. For three hundred years, it had been a dwelling place for fetish high places, and the three hundred trees on it had been untouchable all this time. I said, ‘If I am a man of God…!’

I reached out to one of my pastors with whom I shared the vision I had received: ‘The Lord showed me how I was sitting on the devil, who was powerless and defeated. I was living in a white multi-story building called the ‘House of Redemption,’ located on the same land where the devil had been in control until now.’ I also shared with him how I had struggled so far to physically acquire the land I had seen in the vision.

In order to see this come to pass, I visited the Traditional Chief in charge of that portion of land and told him of my intention to buy the place. Surprised that a native who traditionally understood the fear that the land inspired would consider such a thing, making such a request, he refused to listen. At least for him, acquiring even a small portion of the land would attract disastrous consequences.

He did not want me to die suddenly. But on my insistence, he involuntarily agreed, on the condition that he would only produce a provisional receipt for the money I would pay so that if I were to die a few days later (as he believed I surely would), for touching the gods’ land without permission, the provisional receipt would testify to his unwillingness to sell it, and the land could revert to its legal owner: the gods of the land.

‘But if I am a man of God… Hallelujah!’

After paying for this land, I took the aforementioned pastor with me, and we went to this portion of property that I had legitimately acquired, challenging the devil to even raise a finger in protest. The place was dark, even at noon, with the foliage of many giant trees, in addition to being infested with frightening and hideous idols. Commanding the devil to release my property, we stormed the high places, kicking down the fierce carved images and molded idols, overturning the roofs that had protected them from disintegration. Shortly after, I brought in a heavy bulldozer with which I assaulted the domain.

Suddenly, the place came alive with huge venomous snakes and scorpions of various sizes. Without controversy, I was unshaken. If I am a man of God, let fire come down and consume the evil on our land!

The bulldozer driver was scared and ready to resign, but I encouraged him and stayed close to him as he worked. One by one, the trees began to bend and submit. Today, located on that land, is a building that I consider one of the largest in the world. It is named the Place of God, and it is my residence. It is the realization of the vision given by God. I dislodged the devil and bought the land that ignorant and uneducated men had dedicated to him. If I am a man of God!

The word ‘Apostle’ means a sent one or the sent one. At a certain level, every believer is an Apostle in the sense of being sent. You are sent. Say it yourself: I am sent. Listen to what the Lord says! ‘GO!’ That is the command to someone who is sent. You are sent because you are a child of God.

You can become a Son of God and then a Man of God. And you can then say like Elijah: If I am a man of God, let fire come down. The Bible records that fire came down to honor Elijah’s word. The difference between a child of God and a man of God lies in the fact that it is a true process leading to essential elements of growth.

The new birth is the gateway to the acquisition and use of the power of God.

This text is an excerpt from the book “If I am a man of God“, written by Benson Idahosa

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