Be patient therefore ( makrothumeo), brothers, until the coming of the Lord. Behold, the husbandman waits for the precious fruit of the earth, being patient with it, until he has received the early and latter rain. 1 Chronicles 12:32

And so Abraham, having persevered, obtained the effect of the promise. Hebrews 6:15

Something to think about: 2 Peter 3:9; James 5:7-8

Because it takes much longer to be fashioned in the bowels of the earth, a diamond ($2,000 for one carat (200 mg)) is much more valuable than coal ore ($200 for 1 tonne), which has the same chemical composition. Makro Patience is very important. As I said earlier, it gives you better time management. It will give you good organisation of your life, a strong spirit of anticipation, and it will prepare you to receive the anointing for the next stage of your life.

It is Makro Patience that determines whether a vase will be vile or precious. The time a jeweller takes to shape his stone will make it more valuable. There are different levels of servants of God because of the way each has valued the time that passes.

Everyone has a 24-hour day, the rich and the poor, the knowledgeable and the ignorant, the man of impact and the man of no impact. Everyone in the world has 24 hours in the day. It’s time management that gives value to everything you do. It is the management of your time that will give power to your promises.

Makro Patience is the character of Jesus, which will enable you to give the best to your days and years.

Makro Patience is the art of putting up with the passage of time by making the most of it. Remember, just as time can produce low-value coal, it can also produce diamonds. Both are necessary, but you choose to be special. Choose to be a diamond, and actually become one.

To endure time is :

* Enduring time as it passes without murmuring : There are things to do while waiting for your promises. If you’re grumpy about the passage of time, it won’t change anything. Whatever the frustration, the pregnant woman will have to wait nine months to give birth. Put up with the weather.

* Embracing time : It means accepting that it takes three months for a kernel of corn to bear fruit; it means accepting that a doctor needs eight years of training; it means accepting that the best things are forged over time. The best marriages, the best friendships, even the best businesses are forged over time. Embrace the passage of time, be Makro.

* Wait for the fruit of the seed and don’t destroy it prematurely : Every seed has its time. Every prayer you pray, every action you take will bear fruit in its own time, unless you yourself, out of impatience, destroy it. Be Makro, the fruit is coming.

* Acting like a team supporter : Supporting the time. Team supporters, even in a bad situation, galvanise their team. The Makro Patient is galvanised and lets himself be galvanised by the Word of God, by prophecies and their reminders, by the encouragement of the Holy Spirit. Many become discouraged as time goes by; they don’t want to hear anything. The more time passes, the more they don’t want to hear about it. Don’t be like that, because it’s impatience. Accept to be supported and encouraged by the Word of God. It is this encouragement that will forge the diamond that will come from your promises.

* Don’t be idle : Idleness makes the passing of time more wearisome. The promises God made to Abraham concerned his descendants and the promised land. He had no promise for his livestock. However, during the waiting period Abraham became prosperous with his flocks.

You too should bear with the passage of time by acquiring knowledge, skills and know-how; above all, don’t remain idle. Divine Patience is far from idle.

* Give time to others : In Matthew 18:26-29, when the debtor asks his creditor for patience, he uses the word Makrothuméo, i.e. give me time. Putting up with time means knowing how to give time to others. Give your friend time to change, to understand and apologise. Give yourself time to improve. Be Patient Makro.

ACTION OF THE DAY: What do you do in the latency of a thing, in the ’empty’ time between two actions or events?

Practise taking advantage of these “dead times”. Here’s a non-exhaustive list of things you could do: reading, revising a course, finalising a letter or piece of content, replying to important messages, taking a training course, praying, etc.

I read my Bible in 1 year: Leviticus 26; Psalms 33; Ecclesiastes 9

This text is an extract from the book “Divine Patience to Possess Hidden Treasures and Resources – In His Image to Dominate 4 ” written by Mohammed SANOGO

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