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  • Who Put Jesus on The Cross

    Discover the answers to some of the most challenging questions of the Christian faith with AW Tozer’s powerful book, Who Put Jesus on the Cross?

    With divine wisdom, Tozer delves into the ultimate responsibility for condemning Jesus to death on the cross and tackles the question of whether we can ever be good enough for God. He also addresses the common misconception that all “religious” people will go to heaven, inspiring a deep examination of our beliefs and what it truly means to be a Christian.

    Through his thought-provoking words, Tozer challenges readers to reexamine their faith and consider what it truly costs to be a follower of Christ. He reminds us that the foundation of our peace and rest can be found in the Word of God and that it is through a true understanding of Christ’s death and resurrection that we can fully embrace the Christian faith.

    Don’t miss the opportunity to be inspired and challenged by AW Tozer’s powerful message. Order your copy of Who Put Jesus on the Cross? today and discover the true meaning of being a Christian.

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