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  • Daughter of cana

    “Experience the miraculous power of faith and love with Angela Hunt’s latest novel, Daughter of Cana. Follow the story of twin siblings Thomas and Tasmin, who are entrusted to oversee a wedding feast in Cana. Witness the tension and worry that fills their hearts when the host runs out of wine, and how one guest’s advice leads to a miraculous transformation.

    As Thomas impulsively decides to follow the teacher from Nazareth, Tasmin is left struggling with her shattered relationship with her beloved brother. With the help of Jude, younger brother to Jesus of Nazareth, Tasmin embarks on a journey that will take her on a path of faith, love, and redemption.

    Angela Hunt’s vivid and compelling storytelling will transport you back in time to witness the power of miracles and the strength of human relationships. Immerse yourself in the historical setting of Cana, and witness the awe-inspiring transformation of rainwater into the finest wine ever tasted.

    Daughter of Cana is a must-read for anyone seeking an inspiring tale of faith and the power of human connection. Experience the timeless message of hope and love that has captivated readers for centuries. Don’t miss out on this exceptional novel from one of the genre’s brightest stars.”


    Angela Hunt

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  • Delighting in God

    Discover your true identity and purpose by understanding who God is. Delight in God and fulfill your calling to serve and adore Him. In his book, Delighting in God, Tozer reveals the attributes of God as the key to understanding the Christian life of worship and service. Embrace your reflection of God’s character and nature and become all that He wants you to be. Experience fulfillment, joy, and comfort by acknowledging who God is, the source of all goodness in your life. Start your journey towards divine wisdom and order Delighting in God today.

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  • Experiencing the Presence of God

    Unlock the key to your soul’s deepest longing with A.W. Tozer’s never-before-published teachings on the book of Hebrews in Experiencing the Presence of God. Discover a fresh understanding of what it truly means to dwell in the presence of God and experience the divine fulfillment you were created for. As Tozer challenges the status quo and invites you to join him in expecting the high and holy manifestation of God’s presence, you’ll learn that worship isn’t just a performance, but a presence to be experienced. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to come alongside Tozer and enter into God’s presence right now. Fulfill your soul’s deepest longing with Experiencing the Presence of God.

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  • Give Me Jesus

    Do you want to make a lasting impact in the lives of children and families? The truth is, in 100 years, nothing will matter more than a person’s relationship with Jesus Christ. That’s why the gospel is at the heart of our ministry. It’s the good news that we can have a life-changing relationship with God through Jesus Christ.

    If you’re looking for practical tips on how to keep the gospel central to your ministry, look no further than Give Me Jesus. Written by Ryan Frank and 10 other ministry leaders, this book is a must-read for anyone who wants to make a real difference in the lives of others.

    Discover how to make the gospel the main focus of your ministry and give children and families the hope they need. With Give Me Jesus, you’ll learn how to put the gospel into action and truly change lives. So don’t wait any longer, get your copy of Give Me Jesus and start transforming your ministry today.

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  • God’s power for your life

    Divine wisdom tells us that God’s Word and God’s Spirit work together to lead us into a deeper experience of God’s presence. This truth has been obscured by confusion and misunderstandings, but now renowned preacher and theologian A.W. Tozer brings clarity with his never-before-published teaching in God’s Power for Your Life.

    In this book, Tozer guides us to trust the Bible and understand its true significance in our lives. He shows us that the Holy Spirit operates through the written Word of God to move us closer to the Father and experience His presence. Through God’s Word and Spirit, we can have a profound and transformative relationship with God.

    Don’t miss out on all that the Bible has to offer. Let God’s Power for Your Life be your guide to a deeper and more meaningful life with God. Get your copy today and experience the presence of God like never before.

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  • He Dwelt Among Us

    Experience the captivating teachings of A.W. Tozer through his newly adapted writings on the Gospel of John. Delve deeper into the heart of the Incarnation and its profound impact on the lives of believers. Tozer, renowned for his prophetic voice, shares his passion for Christ through the lens of John’s captivating portrayal of the Beloved. Discover a renewed and overwhelming desire for our Lord and experience the transformative power of his love. No other New Testament writer presents Christ with such passion as John, and Tozer captures that spirit with alluring and exciting prose. Join us in discovering the One we call Lord and be captivated by his glory.

  • Teach me to pray

    Unlock the full potential of your prayer life and experience the power of divine intervention with Murray’s timeless insights! As a contemporary Christian, you already know the importance of prayer, but do you wish it could be more effective? Look no further than this divine wisdom from Scripture and the life of Jesus, teaching you that prayer is the root and strength of all work for God.

    With Murray’s guidance, you’ll discover that God intends to answer every prayer and that prayer is meant to be a way of life. These thirty-one classic meditations, written over a century ago, have been edited and clarified for new readers like you. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to deepen your relationship with God and unlock the full potential of your prayers.

    Experience the power of divine intervention and witness the transformative effect it can have on your life. Order your copy of Murray’s book today and join the countless others who have already unlocked the secrets of a fruitful prayer life!

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