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  • We were beautiful

    Divine Wisdom has brought us a tale of courage, hope, and redemption in the face of tragedy. “Scarred Memories” is a captivating story of Mia Hopkins, a teenage girl who survived a car crash that claimed the life of her sister and left her with physical and emotional scars. Mia’s journey of healing takes her to New York City, where she finds unexpected friendship and love while working in a bustling cafe.

    The story is a poignant reminder that we all carry scars, and they are not always visible to the eye. Mia’s journey towards self-forgiveness and acceptance is a powerful message of hope that will inspire readers to face their own scars and find healing.

    Through the characters of Fig, Cooper, and others, readers will be reminded that they are not alone in their pain. The book’s themes of friendship, forgiveness, and redemption will resonate with readers of all ages and backgrounds.

    Don’t miss the opportunity to be moved by this gripping and heartwarming tale. “Scarred Memories” is a must-read for anyone seeking a story that will touch their heart and leave them with a renewed sense of hope.

    20.850 CFA