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  • The Greatest Power in the World

    Are you tired of feeling defeated and powerless in your life? Do you long to experience the dynamic power of the Holy Spirit? Look no further than Kathryn Kuhlman’s timeless message on the power of the Holy Spirit.

    As one of the leading female evangelists of the twentieth century, Kuhlman knew firsthand the incredible transformative power of the Holy Spirit. In her Spirit-filled meetings, hundreds of thousands of people were touched by God’s power through salvation, deliverance, and miraculous healings.

    Now, you too can experience the life-changing power of the Holy Spirit through Kuhlman’s teachings. In this book, you will learn how to receive and harness the phenomenal power of the Holy Spirit in your own life. Say goodbye to defeat and hello to joyful victory in every area of your life.

    With Kuhlman’s guidance, you will discover how to cultivate a personal relationship with the Holy Spirit and experience His power in your daily life. Through her powerful testimony and practical teachings, you will be filled with the greatest power in the world – the power of the Holy Spirit.

    Don’t wait any longer to experience the transformative power of the Holy Spirit. Let Kathryn Kuhlman’s message inspire and equip you to live a life of victorious power and purpose.

    17.300 CFA