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  • Positioning Yourself In The Crowd

    Introducing the Book of Kings and Priests – a guide to stepping out of the crowd and into your divine destiny! As stated in the Bible, we are all divine products, and God desires for us to reign as Kings and Priests on the earth. But many of us have become comfortable in the crowd, afraid to step out and claim our rightful place on the throne.

    The Book of Kings and Priests is a wake-up call, urging you to shed your fears and step into the limelight. It challenges you to leave your comfort zone and be a showpiece, a reference point in your field and vocation. The book reminds you that you are unique, and your talents and skills can be a valuable solution for the world.

    Don’t be content with merely flowing with what is contemporary and trendy. It’s time to manifest excellence and carve a niche for yourself, so you don’t get left behind tomorrow. This book will inspire you to embrace your identity, value, and self-worth, and position yourself to move away from the crowd and onto the stage.

    Remember, the top is where you belong, and it’s time to reign as Kings and Priests on the earth. The Book of Kings and Priests is your guide to achieving your divine destiny and leaving your mark on the world to the glory of God. Get your copy now and take the first step towards greatness!

    Dr Caleb Ajagba

    14.490 CFA