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  • Personal skills for effective learning

    Sometimes I wish I could be a young person again, because more and more teachers are beginning to understand how learning is more of a whole-body, whole-mind, whole-spirit experience. . Annie Greeff, in her two volumes of Resilience, shares with educators the personal and social skills required for effective learning. The concept of personal development in education was a grand vision when formal education was introduced over 120 years ago. However, as our world has become more informed and more versatile, more able to multi-task outside the classroom, the formal education system has unfortunately lagged behind in changing its approach to education. The books are refreshing as a unit as they focus on developing self-esteem and self-confidence focusing first and foremost on personal skills and then on how to develop and develop. encourage another person to be all they can be by applying social skills. Given that in the first world, many children and adults feel a lack of connection in their relationships and unfortunately are very often ill-equipped to live an adult life financially, emotionally and spiritually. Ms. Greeff’s books are a great introduction to the importance of teaching life skills at a much younger age. The books contain useful exercises that any teacher, trainer, educator can apply and although written for teachers of young children, any adult trainer who trains company employees would also do well to read the exercises to see how it can make its own training practices more effective by integrating personal and social skills into the learning process for adults who did not benefit from such knowledge, information and training in their informational years. I believe that the content of each of the resilience books will not only inspire educators to help their students maintain the natural resilience of all young children when it comes to learning about their world, but it will also improve relationships. and the social skills of educators. The concepts shared in these two books are skills the world needs right now and what better way to start implementing them than in the learning rooms? I encourage you to make these two books a part of your library as they are inspiring in the way they have brought together information, practical advice, helpful ideas on how to implement and most importantly, a way to start appreciate the magic of our differences.

    Kathleen Ginn Co-creator of Rapid Sensory Learning and Conscious Creation


    Annie Greeff

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