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  • Battle for ELOHIM

    Are you looking to gain a deeper understanding of biblical history and the forces that have influenced it? Look no further than this riveting book, which delves into the fascinating history of the “Elohim,” the titans or giants birthed through the union of fallen angels with human women.

    Using both the Bible and many other ancient writings, the author carefully outlines evidence that these beings existed and explains the agenda behind their cruel reign upon the earth. Through their corruption of Adam’s race, the Savior’s promised lineage was threatened, and alternative “heroes” were offered to humanity.

    This book offers a unique and insightful perspective on how this agenda and the gods associated with it have affected biblical history. With a look at present and end-times implications, you won’t want to miss out on the wisdom and knowledge contained within these pages.

    Are you ready to gain a deeper understanding of divine history and the forces at play? Get your copy of this compelling book today.

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  • What IS wrong with being black?

    Discover the truth about the positive history of people of color with the highly credible and extensively referenced work by Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo. Drawing on evidence from biblical, anthropological, historical, and ancient literature sources dating back as far as 3,000 years ago, this enlightening work celebrates the rich heritage of the Black race and confronts the challenges faced by Black people today.

    Scripture cites Black role models and reveals that people of color were the first to give structure and order in society. Learn how current issues such as idolatry and slavery have their roots in the practices of ancestors, and how color was not used as a segregating tool until 300 years ago. Racial equality is a truth, and this fascinating insight provides a deeper understanding of the different issues faced by Black people.

    With the largest church in Western Europe under his leadership, Pastor Ashimolowo offers uncompromising examination of the conformations that have molded Black people. He reminds us that there is nothing wrong with being black, and that all of us are children of the most High, as the Psalmist says. This work is a must-read for anyone who wants to understand the true history of people of color and the challenges that still need to be addressed today.


    Matthiew Ashimoloyo

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