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  • Magnetic Spelling Game : Cognitive Magnetic Spelling And Exercise Thinking Game For Kids

    Introducing the ultimate tool to enhance your child’s cognitive thinking skills – our magnetic alphabet toy! With this amazing toy, your child will be able to create different spellings of shapes, animals, nature, body parts, fruits, sports and so much more.

    This toy is designed to exercise your child’s thinking skills and stimulate their creativity by challenging them to make different spellings using magnetic alphabets on a magnetic board. Watch as they learn while having fun with this engaging and interactive toy.

    But safety is always our top priority. This toy contains magnetic components that should never be swallowed, as it may cause fatal injury to your child. Rest assured that our toy is designed with safety in mind, and we recommend adult supervision at all times.

    Invest in your child’s learning and development with our magnetic alphabet toy. Order now and give your child the gift of enhanced cognitive thinking!

    15.350 CFA