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  • Attitude 101 Leadership : What Every Leader Needs to Know

    Are you tired of dealing with bad attitudes on your team? Do you want to improve your team’s performance and ensure its success? Look no further than Attitude 101 by New York Times best-selling author and leadership expert John C. Maxwell.

    Maxwell understands the frustration that comes with trying to lead people with bad attitudes. In this concise and reader-friendly guidebook, he provides valuable insights and practical strategies for recognizing and addressing attitude problems in yourself and others.

    Attitude is a key factor that impacts individual and team performance. By pinpointing problem feelings, behaviors, and thinking, you can identify and address six common attitude problems that undermine teamwork. And by discovering the secret to changing a bad attitude, you can create new definitions of failure and success that will improve performance.

    Remember, attitude is contagious. Adopting the right attitude can help you keep going to the next level of success. With Attitude 101, you can master attitude issues and ensure that your team is catching the right attitude. Don’t let bad attitudes ruin your team’s success. Get your copy of Attitude 101 today!

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  • Becoming A Personn Of Influence

    Looking to make a greater impact in your personal or professional life? Look no further than Maxwell and Dornan’s groundbreaking book, Becoming a Person of Influence. This powerful guidebook will help you unlock your full potential and become a true influencer in any area of your life.

    With practical advice and easy-to-follow tips, Maxwell and Dornan teach readers how to interact more positively with others and achieve unprecedented levels of success. Whether you’re a manager looking to inspire your employees, a parent seeking to connect with your children on a deeper level, a coach hoping to see your players blossom, or a salesperson aiming to break records, this book is the ultimate resource for anyone looking to make a real impact.

    Drawing on decades of experience in both the business and nonprofit worlds, Maxwell and Dornan share their unique insights and wisdom with readers, helping them to become the best possible version of themselves. Their advice is practical, actionable, and easy to apply to everyday life, making it the perfect resource for anyone looking to grow personally and professionally.

    So why wait? Order your copy of Becoming a Person of Influence today and start making a real difference in your life and the lives of those around you!

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  • How High Will You Climb : Determine Your Success by Cultivating the Right Attitude

    Looking for a powerful message to motivate you to reach new heights in life, even when the storm clouds gather? Look no further than How High Will You Climb? by renowned author and pastor John C. Maxwell.

    In this inspiring book, Maxwell reminds us that our attitude in the face of adversity is the key to our success. While it may be easy to maintain a positive outlook when things are going well, the true test of character comes when the going gets tough. That’s when we must rely on our faith and trust that God is with us every step of the way.

    With Maxwell’s expert guidance, you’ll learn how to cultivate a resilient attitude that will carry you through even the most difficult times. Whether you’re facing challenges in your family, your work, or your personal life, How High Will You Climb? will help you stay focused, stay positive, and stay on track.

    So if you’re ready to take your life to new heights and soar above the storms, don’t wait another moment. Order your copy of How High Will You Climb? today and discover the power of a positive attitude in the face of adversity.

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  • Put Your Dream To The Test : 10 Questions to Healp You See It And Seize It

    Are you tired of dreaming big but never seeing those dreams come to life? It’s time to put your dream to the test and take action towards achieving it. And who better to guide you through the process than best-selling author and leadership expert Dr. John C. Maxwell?

    In his book, “Put Your Dream to the Test,” Dr. Maxwell provides a step-by-step action plan to help you discover and define your dream, create a blueprint for success, and see real-world examples of what success could look like for you. Drawing on his forty years of mentoring experience, Dr. Maxwell expertly guides you through the ten questions required of every successful dreamer.

    Don’t let your dream slip away. With Dr. Maxwell’s guidance and the actionable steps outlined in “Put Your Dream to the Test,” you can start taking control of your life and achieving the success you’ve always dreamed of. This book is a must-have for anyone who wants to turn their dreams into reality. So why leave your dream to chance? Order your copy today and start making your dreams come true!

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  • Winning Now, Winning Later

    Are you tired of constantly sacrificing long-term growth for short-term gains? Do you want to learn how to maintain both short-term performance and long-term investments, even during difficult times? Look no further than “Winning Now, Winning Later” by David Cote.

    As a highly respected former executive of Honeywell International and one of the most successful CEOs of his generation, David Cote offers ten essential principles for winning today and tomorrow. His revolutionary approach will help you spot practices that may look attractive in the short term, but ultimately jeopardize the long-term health of your business.

    Whether you’re facing intense competition or pressure from investors demanding strong quarterly gains, this book will teach you how to determine where and how to invest in growth for maximum impact. You’ll also learn how to stand up to investors and other managers who are only focused on short- or long-term goals and encourage independent thinking among others around you.

    “Winning Now, Winning Later” is an essential guide for leaders everywhere who want to transcend the daily grind of short-termism and leave a lasting legacy of success. Don’t miss your chance to learn from one of the most successful CEOs of our time and achieve both short and long-term goals for your business.

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