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  • A Revelation Of The Divine Life: The Very Life Of God: Hosting God

    The teachings in this book aim to address various areas, particularly those concerning leaders and pastors, in order to assist them in being effective in the work entrusted to us by God. Paul mentors the church in Colossians, and in Colossians 1:10, he emphasizes the importance of walking in a manner that pleases the Lord, being fruitful in every good work.

    It is crucial to understand that God is passionate about our effectiveness and productivity as believers, as well as leaders and ministers of the gospel. Worldwide, pastors, leaders, church officials, Christian organizations, and platforms are striving to experience a greater manifestation of the Kingdom, longing for Jesus to be revealed and glorified. However, for many, this seems elusive, especially in the present times. We have witnessed growing frustration among Christians. So, how can we witness the power and glory of God? I hope that God will bestow His grace upon us and address some of these concerns.

    Based on Scripture and my own mentoring experience, I would like to share a few essential elements that, in my belief, must be in place for a leader, a person of God, or an individual to be effective in their ministry. Additionally, I will highlight three areas in which Satan seeks to attack ministers and leaders, urging you to remain vigilant and not allow him a foothold in these areas. If these aspects come under attack in your life and ministry, it may jeopardize your future and effectiveness.

    Are you ready for this? Take a moment to ask the Lord for revelation.”

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  • By my Spirit

    Delve into the profound levels of God’s power and how they manifest in our lives. Explore the highest dimension, which is derived from intimacy with God, where His power is ignited through a close relationship. Learn about the second dimension, where the access to God’s principles opens doors to His power, regardless of personal relationship or acknowledgement. Delve into the third dimension, which involves aligning with God’s covenant to unlock His hidden possibilities in individuals, institutions, and specific locations.

    Unveil the significance of Jacob’s encounter in a specific place, where heavenly realms were accessible through divine alignment. Witness Elijah’s transitions from one location to another, tapping into God’s anointing and presence. Explore Jesus’ supernatural manifestation in a particular place, showcasing the power hidden in men. Understand how covenant alignment grants access to God’s anointing, guided by His grace and purpose.

    Immerse yourself in Paul’s teachings to the Ephesian church, unveiling the revelation of mysteries kept hidden in previous ages. Gain insight into the profound knowledge of Christ made known to the apostles and prophets through the Holy Spirit.

    Unlock the depths of God’s power and embark on a transformative journey of faith and revelation.

     Apostle Joshua Selman Nimmak

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  • Doing Business with God

    Unleash the Power of Results: Transforming Your Life through Strategic Engagement. Discover the key to manifesting God’s ordained purpose for your life. It’s time to take charge and stop allowing the enemy to play games with your destiny. Engage with understanding and claim what is rightfully yours. Experience the truth of Matthew 11:12, as you tap into the violence that seizes the Kingdom of God by force. This result-driven ministry is dedicated to producing tangible outcomes, leaving no room for empty words or mere theatrics. Align with a teaching that delivers real, undeniable results. Let your fruitful life bring glory to the Father and prove your discipleship. Embrace the mentorship of the Holy Spirit and witness dimensions of success that defy expectations and naysayers. Contend for the breakthroughs you seek, as you partner with heaven to establish realities on earth. Join us as we tie every loose end and fortify ourselves with transformative truths. Experience predictable and consistent results that surpass human desires. Don’t miss out on this life-changing opportunity. Read this book and step into a blessed future.

     Apostle Joshua Selman

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  • Love Never Fails

    Join us as we delve into the transformative subject of love and its profound impact on every aspect of your life. Discover how walking in the love of God opens doors to unparalleled blessings and empowers you to overcome any challenge. While faith may seem masculine and powerful, you will uncover the truth that love is the most potent force on Earth. Prepare to unlock the mysteries of love that will render Satan powerless and usher you into a life of victory. Through profound teachings and personal revelations, experience the depth, richness, and immeasurable advantages of walking in love. Don’t miss this opportunity to embrace the true essence of love and it’s transformative power in your life.

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  • Maximizing Personal Retreats

    The Transformative Power of Retreat: Embracing Sacred Seasons in God’s Presence”

    Sadly, many believers overlook the significance of retreats in their spiritual journey. Often, the teachings on fasting and prayer take precedence, while the importance of retreats as an integral part of a believer’s growth process remains largely unexplored. However, retreats hold immense value, serving as catalysts for ending and beginning seasons in the presence of God. They go beyond mere time away from people; they have the potential to shape and define crucial phases in your life.

    Embarking on new seasons without a spiritual retreat can be risky, as the flesh may exert influence. The most spiritual moments of your life should coincide with the endings and beginnings of seasons, for it is during these times that Satan seeks to undermine and derail your progress. However, once the seasons have been clarified, and you are propelled forward, it becomes challenging for Satan to hinder your path.

    Hence, it is of utmost importance for each one of us to utilize this precious month and set aside a few days for a meaningful retreat. While various types of retreats exist, such as workers’ retreats for ministries and family retreats, the retreat I am emphasizing is one where you are solely and exclusively alone with God. Not even the presence of a spouse or children should be a part of this retreat.

    This book delves into the profound impact of retreats, guiding you towards embracing sacred seasons in the presence of God. Discover the transformative power of intentionally withdrawing from the world, immersing yourself in solitude with the divine. As you read this book, may you be blessed with the revelation and wisdom to prioritize and embark on a quality retreat, unlocking new dimensions of spiritual growth and communion with God.

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  • Opening Destiny Doors Through Relationships: The Easiest Way to Succeed in Life

    You don’t need to be a Christian to recognize the logic and intelligence behind the teachings in this book. It transcends spiritual principles and embodies universal principles. Although some mysteries may take time to unfold, I guarantee that the insights contained in this book can have an immediate impact on your life.

    Upon reading this book, you can expect to experience a profound elevation and transformation. As you engage with the material, it goes beyond mere mental stimulation; it stirs something within your spirit.

    The knowledge shared in this book has the power to lift individuals from a state of lack to a place of grace and empowerment. Conversely, I have witnessed the consequences of neglecting the wisdom imparted in these pages, leading people from grace to a state of struggle. It will save you from wasting time pursuing superficialities and accumulating spiritually useless information, only to discover their inability to bring about true deliverance. The truths you encounter and embrace will indeed stand the test, revealing what is authentic and genuine when applied to real-life situations, particularly in the context of Opening Destiny Doors Through Relationships.

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  • The Mystery of the Ark: How a Man Can Host GOD

    I have two assignments that will challenge and inspire you. The first is to believe that you, as a man, can host God within you and become a mobile Ark. Just as those before you gathered the elements and obeyed His commands, you too can experience the resting glory of His presence. The anointing of the Spirit is not random; it can manifest through individuals who carry His presence.

    Imagine being a carrier of His presence, taking it with you wherever you go. Those who oppose you, who are like the Philistines, will soon realize the power they are contending with. You won’t need to declare your strength; the devil himself will witness the consequences, just as the Philistines experienced when they took the ark. The silent ark brought havoc to the enemy’s camp. Similarly, when the ark was brought to the house of Obededom, his life and his family’s life turned around dramatically within 90 days. This means that if you are employed, within three months of being in that position, things should begin to happen as a testament to the arrival of the ark.

    How can you become a mobile ark? Discover the answer within the pages of this book.

    Sitting idly and waiting for God to do everything is a mere joke. Just as it took man to build the ark, it will also take your active participation to create a conducive space for Him. This book will guide you in understanding your role and the steps to take in hosting His presence and experiencing the transformation it brings.

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  • Three Great Errors in The Body of Christ

    Unveiling the Mysteries of the Body of Christ: Deepening Your Understanding of the Ecclesia. In the body of Christ, the concept of the “ecclesia” and its operation remains largely misunderstood. While we acknowledge the gifts of the Spirit, accessing revelation, and experiencing prophetic and apostolic dimensions, it’s important to recognize the commendable efforts of God’s servants worldwide, including Nigeria. However, there are areas that require guidance and correction, and this is our mission. Delve into the profound meaning of the body of Christ, its purpose, and the power it holds—a power that cannot be fully realized in isolation. Discover the secrets and transformative potential that await when we grasp the true essence of the body. Read this book and embrace the blessings that come from understanding the intent of the body of Christ.

     Apostle Joshua Selman Nimmak

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  • Winning Through Prayer Part 1

    I believe that the Lord is going to help us and grant us understanding (1st Chronicles chapter 12 vs. 32) I used to think God dwells in the realm of eternity until I understood what eternity was, then I found out that God does not dwell in eternity, he dwells in a dimension that only he can define. Eternity is time, just that, it is time that is limitless, and every time you compress God to time you insult his sovereignty, he does not dwell in eternity. Eternity means the summation of infinite dispensations, one dispensation connecting another, but they are still time-dependent. He dwells in a realm that the Bible simply describes as unapproachable light, the Bible says, in the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth, meaning he was in neither of them, he constructed this dimension of his kingdom and allocated a mystery called times and seasons.
    The Bible says, he made the stars also, having made the sun and the moon, then the Bible says he made the stars, and that the assignment of the stars, among other things, is to signify seasons, which means that they can guide up into times and seasons, so it is true that God does not dwell in time, but he designed man and limited man to function within the circumference of time, that means the greatest gift man has, second only to salvation, is time, and if you understand times and seasons, and you know how to align to the possibilities that come with times and seasons, then you can walk in victory.
    The Bible is very clear about the fact that all things are not possible every time, you may plant during the dry season, as we have in our region here, but you are not guaranteed to have a bumper harvest if you will have one at all because there is an advantage that comes with the rainy season, it saves you the rigor of looking for water, the season was designed with that advantage in view, so if you desire a bumper harvest your assignment is to continue to look at the weather, and find a time when your desire collides with the season that supplies an advantage, with minimal effort you will plant during the rainy season and you will find out that your crops will grow, because part of the possibilities and the advantage that comes with that season is rain you can outsource a system during the dry season to supply water but it will be at a cost that means that not all seasons carry the same possibilities.
    It is important we understand, that every time a season comes, there is always, what God is doing, he’s not always doing the same thing all the time, and he has his emphasis. We see in the Bible, Gabriel appears to people to introduce seasons, the archangel that introduces seasons, he comes to Daniel to introduce a new season, he comes to Mary, the virgin, to announce that she’s about to be with child and that will usher another season, times and seasons, (1st Chronicles chapter 12 vs 32) the Bible says, and the children of Issachar, which were men that had an understanding of the times, to know what Israel ought to do, it says, the heads of them and all their brethren were at their command, what was their advantage, they understood the times, to know what Israel ought to do.
    My assignment, by the wisdom of the spirit, is to be able to guide us, to know what times, and that in a time like this, what is the posture, what is the response, what is the advantage, that this season comes with for the believer.

     Apostle Joshua Selman Nimmak

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