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  • Releasing the Supernatural

    The knowledge of the supernatural is very relevant to a life of triumph and fulfillment in this life. Any man will lose control of the affairs of life without such knowledge. Reason? The supernatural is the foundation of all things. Like the foundation of any natural building, its reality may not easily be comprehended, yet it is the control room of all things. The natural answers to it.

    Every natural happening has its supernatural antecedent. That of course includes you. You are rooted in the supernatural. What you see of your physical self is not the real you. It is only a covering. The real you is spirit. You are divine in nature; created after the very image of God.(Genesis 1:26)

    The entire world lies in a magnetic field of wickedness. Satan, his demons, and sometimes human extensions carry out their wicked acts by remote control. But by covenant, you are an overcomer. The whole world may lie in wickedness but you will be exempted as long as you remain in God. However, until the truth of your divinity dawns on you and you walk in it, you can’t be in control. You will be subjected to the same limitations as other mortals. knowledge is the key to freedom. It turns frustration into fulfillment, sweat into sweet. Nothing approximates the power of Knowledge. It is the key to dominion.  Among other things, this book will help you to understand:

    • Your true nature
    • How to enjoy divine direction
    • How to work out your own miracles
    • How to use sound to effect your sign
    • The positive use of your imaginative faculty

    This book is a MUST read!


    7.500 CFA