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  • Exploits of Faith

    Every child of God is by destiny a child of exploits, deigned to succeed where others fail: to conquer the obstacles others fear and generally do the impossible. But no matter how great a destiny God has in view for you, you will need faith to make it a reality.

    Faith is a guarantee of your victory over the forces of sickness, disease, poverty and wickedness of any cadre; without it, salvation is a farce, a sham and a mockery, devoid of the power you need to make things happen!

    That is why Dr. David Oyedepo (a man commissioned to liberate the world through the preaching of the Word of Faith) set to to write this book, to deliver to you practical steps to operating faith and getting results. In this book therefore you will hear him say:

    • “Faith is not just a mere confession; it is great profession. It is not just saying what God says; it is doing what God says.”
    • “When faith is at work, the power of God is connected, which makes all things possible. Faith is your access to the power of God, not tears! Without faith nothing gets done!”
    • “Faith is not a philosophical fact, neither is it an intellectual fact; faith is a spiritual force, drawn from the living word to produce living proofs.”


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