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  • The Wisdom That Works

    Extraordinary feats can become cheap possibilities. Accomplishing tasks can be less stressful. Such things don’t answer to common sense, but to divine wisdom-the wisdom that makes things work against all odds. There is no mountain anywhere; every man’s mountain is a creation of his ignorance.

    Dr David Oyedepo proclaims that God is raising not just a spotless church but a superlatively wise one; one that operates in the realm of inexplicable wisdom and mental dignity, the sort the world has never known. A unique insight into the incredible potentials of the redeemed mind. The wisdom that work traces the true source of wisdom to the word of God and shows you how to acquire that indispensable treasure that will forcefully reposition you for a life of excellence.

    This book unequivocally asserts that divine wisdom is supreme as God’s throne was created through wisdom. Wisdom took Joseph to his throne and operating in it is what will take you to your throne and sustain you there.

    In this book, Dr. David O. Oyedepo says:
    “I will be showing you the technicalities of this wisdom. You will understand its inner workings and how results can be cheaply obtained. You will stop running helter-skelter, because you will know the strategy for winning in lie by operating God’s kind of wisdom.”

    This is a must-read for anyone interested in making the most of life.


    8.000 CFA