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  • The Lifestyle of Faith

    Faith is primarily a lifestyle. It is not just a weapon to engage when a fight ensues neither is it a tool you pick up when you have an issue to fix.

    A soldier is basically enlisted for a life of selfless service. He is first trained and then equipped with weapons which he uses only as and when need arises. No matter how well a soldier uses his weapon, he stands the risk of losing is enlistment if he does not live well to please his Commander.

    If you do not live well, you cannot fight well. In the School of Faith, it is the “walking” that lends strength and efficacy to the “workings” of faith.

    This book is an insightful herald on the lifestyle of faith. It analyses the concept of faith and gives you a handle on its dynamic operations. Topics such as characteristics of faith, the product of faith, the womb of faith, the fountain of faith, the eye of faith, the arrows of faith, the motive of faith and lots more are clearly analyzed in this volume.

    The lifestyle of faith is your passport into the glory and virtue of your calling in Christ.

    David Olatunji Abioye – SHILOH

    8.500 CFA