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  • The Release of Power

    The essence of Christianity is the demonstration of power. The believer stand to be molested in the battles of life without power. Power is the force that places the devil where he belongs-under your feet.

    The enemy is having a field day because the saints are failing to take their position. The end-time saints are designed to glide over all satanic onslaughtsb effortlessly, wrecking havoc in the kingdom of darkness. This book is a wakeup call to the church to take the reins of power and rule in the midst of the enemy. The time has come for the saints of God to become absolutely intoxicated with the only absolute power there is- the power of God. Dr David Oyedepo unveils some quickening truths that will set your heart throbbing for a release of power into your life.

    Get set for encounters with power that will reawaken you to take charge!


    8.000 CFA