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  • Biblical principales of parenting

    Having children perhaps is not so much a challenge as raissing them. To aise children that will take the battle to the gate requires you to recongnize and wake up the giant  insid them. “Parenting is a nonle assignment God has given to you. How well  or how bad you do it depends on you.” Says the author.

    Friends, you must go for the truth that will set your children free in life. In this volume, Mary Abioye Shares from God’s Word precept upon precept and line upon line principles that has enabled her to parent effectively for more than twos decades. You will discover in this book:

    • What training produces in children
    • How to parent strategically
    • The foundation for a colorful destiny
    • How not to punish
    • The values to inculate in your children
    6.500 CFA