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  • Ancient Secret Of Power and Relevance

    It is possible to be in partnership with someone who is able to cover for your limitation and that introduces the mercy of God in the equation, but the fact that the mercy of God is available does not mean you will not play your role. One of the reason God did not honour some ministry is because they do not know that ministry is all about people, when you treat people like animals they will not come to your church or meetings. The bible says, ‘now we do not appear what we shall be like’, we believe we are treating men of dignity, royalty, only God can tell how far because the word of God that we teach is the incorruptible word of God that is able to make anyone to become great.The knowledge of the word is a gift you can give people if I count money and give you, it will finish but if I deposit in you the strategic word of God to bring you into the understanding of kingdom principle. When you understand a thing, you can explain it, the proof that you understand the teaching is when you can confidently teach it. I am sharing with us what I titled KOINONIA ANCIENT SECRET TO POWER AND RELEVANCE.You know why I choose this song and how confident I am about life, you cannot imagine, when you see me teach this truth, the bible says, ‘ I found your word and did hid them and they became joy and rejoicing to my soul’. If I buy shares for you, you may be happy, feel secured, if I connect you to a rich man and a prophet, you may be happy and feel secured but when you are connected to the revelation of the truth and the kingdom, it is the ultimate secret for confidence in life, until it has become true in your life, you may not understand. Paul had to correct by saying, we make our boasting in the lord but should not be misunderstood. The word of God gives you such a level of confidence. All of a sudden, when you understand the principle of the kingdom, we will begin to connect the equations of life and find out that there is a formula that governs His operation. You will know that nothing just happens, there is a formula but when you find it you don’t need to keep it with an un-trusted person, it’s yours for life.Read this Book and Be Blessed.


    9.000 CFA