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  • How To Be Fruitful

    The bible says that the word of God counts your life and look at the magnitude of spiritual inheritance to be given to you and then it starts by building you until you rise to the level in the spirit where no weight of spiritual substance on you can break you then it delivers to you, so this is already a word of encouragement so that if nothing is being delivered to you, you are not discouraged because you know that it means capacity is being built. Many times, services like this are not time of receiving things it may be times of building. Many of us just want something we can receive and run away with if it is God, He gives gift according to his riches, there is nothing God gives a man that is small so when God delays before giving you it is because he is waiting for your capacity to retain.It is not enough to receive; you must sustain an ability to retain because you can lose something that God gives to you. The bible says It’s full of things that were once given to men and taken back. So God is able to take advantage of His word to build me, build you, and when we are able to get those attributes, He then deliver to us inheritance among them that are sanctified. Let your word come and bless us oh God in the name of Jesus.



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