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  • Stewards of the Mysteries of God

    In this kingdom, we rise not just by desire but how much light we have accessed and engaged. You can access it, meaning that you are not ignorant of its operation but if you don’t engage it, you will not see anything. Accessing it is a product of humility and desperate pursuit but engaging it is the product of faith. I have said it that faith is simply a product of understanding, obedience and courage. You cannot sustainably act upon what you do not understand. Obedience is the ability to obey to the letter and the courage to stay there regardless of the temporary results that you see. So desire alone will not get you any where in this kingdom. Our society is full of desires. That is wonderful except for the fact that desire alone will not amount to anything. People desire to carry the anointing, prosperity, influence, etc. But they just stop at the level of desire and believe that that is all that they need to do. No.Desire sponsor the appetite for pursuit. With desire, you will defy every excuse and consequences and just pursue. Your desire gives you the inner strength and tenacity to pursue. If and when you have the encounter, you have access to it now, the next thing is to put your understanding to work, engage that truth you know. The engaging part is where I do believe that the church of the Lord Jesus Christ has failed.


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