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  • Prayer: God prescription for total breakthrough (2nd ed)

    “Unlock the Power of Prayer with Pastor Victor’s Biblical Keys”

    Discover the true essence of prayer and unlock the power to a fulfilling and effective prayer life with Pastor Victor’s insightful book. Drawing from biblical principles and precepts, this book explores the keys to effective prayer that goes beyond the usual activities associated with it.

    In this inspiring guide, Pastor Victor teaches us that prayer is not just a task, but a way of life that enables us to walk in our God-given position of power and authority. With a roadmap that leads to prevailing prayer, you’ll learn the different types of prayer, the obstacles to prayer, and the power combination of prayer and fasting.

    Explore the biblical perspective of prayer and learn how to be in union with God through prayer. Discover the purpose and power of true Bible-based prayer and how it can transform your life. With Pastor Victor’s guidance, you’ll develop a deeper understanding of the vital and incredible keys to having a fulfilling and effective prayer life.

    Don’t miss out on this opportunity to enhance your prayer life and walk in your God-given power and authority. Get your copy of “Unlock the Power of Prayer with Pastor Victor’s Biblical Keys” today!


    Victor I. Iruobe

    10.000 CFA