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  • The Message: The Bible in Contemporary Language

    Discover a new way to experience the Bible with The Message! If traditional translations have left you feeling bored or lost, Eugene Peterson’s best-selling paraphrase will reignite your passion for God’s Word.

    With The Message, you’ll enjoy a contemporary American idiom that makes the sixty-six books of Scripture feel like a thrilling novel. Peterson’s intentional design as a reading Bible means there are no verse numbers to interrupt the flow of the passages, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the story of God’s love for humanity.

    Experience the mystery of the Old Testament, the wisdom of Jesus, and the hope of the early church in a whole new way. With The Message, you’ll rediscover the vibrant energy and passion of God’s Word, and be challenged to grow in your faith and understanding.

    Join the millions of readers who have been drawn to God through The Message, and let it jump-start your heart, challenge your mind, and forever change your life. Get your copy today and discover the joy of reading the Bible in a fresh, new way.

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