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  • The Power of an ordinary prayer

    Experience Something Wonderful and Life-Changing at Michael W. Smith’s Concerts!

    Something extraordinary has been happening at Michael W. Smith’s concerts that is transforming lives in ways that are difficult to express. In recent times, Michael has been ending each evening with a simple yet powerful prayer of blessing that draws from the wisdom of Scripture. The response to this prayer has been overwhelming! The letters and emails of testimony that Michael has received have touched his heart like nothing he has ever experienced in his 25 years of ministry.

    What is it about this prayer that has so deeply impacted people? Michael has come to understand that the blessings of God are not a “magical” formula for extracting wealth and possessions, but rather, they are measured by the flourishing of character in adversity. The true blessing of God brings overflowing joy and peace that money and possessions can never provide.

    However, many people today are missing out on the promise of God’s blessings because they are more focused on being blessed themselves than on blessing others. But this is where the true secret to experiencing God’s blessings lies!

    Together with writer Thomas Williams, Michael has written a beautiful work that inspires readers to examine their hearts and discover how to experience God’s blessings by seeking to bless others. This book will help you to discover the joy of giving and show you the path to drawing near to the heart of God.

    Join us at Michael W. Smith’s concerts and experience something wonderful and life-changing. Learn how to bless others and in doing so, discover the secret to experiencing God’s blessings in your life. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to draw near to the heart of God!


    Thomas Williams

    9.500 CFA