When we assert authority over children or animals, we usually do so aloud. We command, and we expect it to happen. It is crucial to realize that in the realm of spiritual authority, the spirit world is always listening. Therefore, we can declare our expectations to this world, knowing that it hears us.

A useful way to assert our authority is simply by saying something like, “If I am a man of God, I declare [protection, blessing, healing, etc.] in the name of Jesus Christ.” Saying “alleluia,” both the natural and spiritual worlds listen when I speak. What a privilege and authority we have as daughters and sons of God.

Vocally asserting our authority is easier with demons—they obey. But why not with illness or changes in weather or even the demise of sorcerers? When the commanded change does not occur immediately, we must maintain faith and listen to God for instructions, as God never fails.

If you fail, reconsider your consecration and intimacy with God. There is surely something you have missed. God does nothing without purpose. Among apparent reasons for a lack of response, one might include not truly hearing God’s voice, it not being God’s chosen time for the change, insufficient authority to effect the change, or the problem not being under the control of enemy spirits, etc.

The spirit world, however, cannot turn a deaf ear to the orders of God’s servants. Just as we know that God hears us when we speak to Him (1 John 5:15), we can be certain that the entire invisible world is listening when we direct our words.

Therefore, any command we issue relating to the activity of enemy spirits will be clearly heard by them. And if our command aligns with what God intends to do, with our will aligned with His, we can and should assert our authority in at least three areas: to protect, to prevent, and to attack.

This text is an excerpt from the book “You hold authority in Heaven and Earth“, written by Benson Idahosa.

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