Falling in Love with a Man at First Sight.

Love at first sight is defined as a sudden and irresistible love or desire, from the very first glance (for someone). If you engage with a man on a love-at-first-sight basis, you risk parting ways with him due to behavioral defaults. Love at first sight is a true and tangible thing that most people experience, and no one can ignore its existence.

That handsome guy you see at university or at your workplace who gives you butterflies in your stomach; you want him, and he seems to want you too, but that doesn’t mean you’ve fallen in love.

My friend, your relationship hasn’t even lasted three days, and you’re already calling him “the pillar of my heart.” Please, wait until the cement on this pillar dries first. Relax, it’s just love at first sight. Because real love needs time to develop. Being in love is a good thing, but it’s important to realize the difference between love at first sight and love. Love at first sight is what you feel for someone at first sight without even knowing them.

Love, on the other hand, is what you feel for someone after being with them for months or years through life’s difficulties and struggles. So, believing that you’ve fallen in love with someone the minute you set your eyes on them seems a bit silly. Think about this: Does anything lasting manifest immediately and effortlessly? Absolutely not.

In my humble opinion, anyone who claims to have experienced true love through love at first sight has not yet experienced true love.

That’s why, even if your grandparents told you they fell in love at first sight, please don’t believe them so quickly! It’s also because of this mistake made in their time that we too believed we could fall in love at first sight. You may be physically attracted to a man at first sight, but you cannot automatically love him because you know nothing about him. I know that :being attracted to a man’s physique is important, but when it comes to developing a lasting love, his physique no longer matters.

Although you cannot fall in love with a man who does not have a good physical appearance, you should not only love him for his appearance, as physical appearance changes over time.

When Jacob first saw Rachel at a well, he kissed her and shouted, that’s love at first sight, but Jacob didn’t stop there, he took his time to get to know her and eventually married her. There are two things you need to know about love at first sight:


This text is an excerpt from the book “25 Stupid Things Girls Shouldn’t Do in the Name of Love” written by Victorien Moukala Nkaya Cissé.

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