1. Confession, repentance, renunciation, and abandonment of sins. We must seek to surrender ourselves to the Lord with a repentant heart to better identify all that happened before and after the construction of all these things: nation, country, region, department, city, municipality, locality, village, neighborhood, courtyard, and house, and understand how all these things were built:

a°) Perform the spiritual mapping of the house, field, land, courtyard, neighborhood, village, city, region, department, and country. Were there altars, sacrifices, and traditional ceremonies before the construction of the country, region, department, city, municipality, locality, neighborhood, courtyard, and house?

b°) Renounce certain acts performed by individuals during the dedication to satanic spirits and those they buried and set up as demonic altars if possible. This can be done by the authorities of the said area or by the presence of a family from that area, house, nation, village, land, or courtyard who must renounce and abandon their wicked practices and turn to Jesus.

For example: I lived in a neighborhood where there was a hotel, and this hotel had all the sacrifices made before its opening. Later, this hotel became the headquarters and base for many spiritual battles, influencing many young people in the neighborhood with a spirit of water and prostitution whose name was revealed to me by the Lord as “mami-zena,” in other words: “mami-watta.”

c°) It is necessary for these individuals to be present; for the country, region, department, city, region, village, locality, neighborhood, courtyard, and house, one of the converted or repentant sons or daughters must be present before consecrating or destroying and breaking the demonic altars.


This text is an excerpt from the book “HOW TO DEVICE AND PROTECT A HOUSE” written by Apostle Beni Hugues MVEMBA M.

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