Mindset is the English term that means state of mind. It’s simply a way of thinking that conditions our behaviors, attitudes, and relationships with others and the world. You won’t become a positive influencer of the masses the day you have millions of followers, NO! You’ll be one from the moment you are first your own influencer. You will then build your influence from within.

Every champion who has reached increasingly extraordinary levels first believed it in their mind against all odds, convinced they would make it! The difference between winners and losers is their state of mind, what they do every day, how they do it, and their level of determination to achieve their dreams no matter the cost.

Then, you can do what the best do without necessarily becoming better. Why? Because you kept a loser’s mindset… You can take your brother out of the ghetto, but it will be difficult to take the ghetto out of him unless he works every day to change the way of thinking that has kept him there so far.

In the end, everything is a matter of mindset. Decide to change it, and your life will change, and it will only be a matter of hard work and time before you see what is already within you manifest. How to put this into practice: after doing some research, discuss the difference between a fixed mindset and a growth mindset: which of these mentalities do you lean towards the most? What are you planning to do to develop a winner’s mindset?

This text is an excerpt from the book “INFLUENCED OR INFLUENCER” written by Suzanne KWEDI.

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