The supernatural world is as real as the physical world. Everything that happens in the spiritual realm affects us physically in our daily lives. Ignorance is not an excuse. Not knowing about a bad situation does not mean that we cannot suffer its consequences.

It’s unfortunate to find people facing terrible situations in their lives, yet they are in the dark about the origin of these problems. Many people beat around the bush without knowing the cause of their sufferings and issues. They ignore the root and seek solutions where there are none. The best thing to do is to go back to the root of the problem.

Your current problems could be caused by supernatural forces. You need to ask the Holy Spirit to open your heart to the realities of the supernatural world. This could be the beginning of your miracles. Later on, you will discover that some burdens, alliances, and satanic ties need to be identified in your life if you want to lead a joyful, holy, healthy, and prosperous life.

Demonic marriage is a subject that has been greatly misunderstood by many people. While some only hold onto erroneous opinions, others have partial knowledge of this important subject: What we address in this chapter beyond the popular concept of night husbands and wives spirits goes even further than teaching about the satanic actions of incubi and succubi.

The problem of demonic marriage goes beyond superficial objectives. Satanic marriage is a very deep subject. This topic affects many people. According to our spiritual research and statistical results, we have discovered that seven out of ten women who confess they are born again are involved, consciously or unconsciously, in demonic marriage.

At the same time, seven out of ten believing men are also consciously or unconsciously affected by demonic marriage. If you gather ten women together and ask them questions about their experiences in dreams, their marital lives, and the mysteries that take place in their lives, you will discover that they have spiritual husbands or partners.

The simplest indicator is: if you have ever had sexual relations with a person who is not liberated in the true sense of the word, then you can be assured that this relationship simply led you into this demonic relationship. It’s difficult to differentiate between those who are liberated and those who are not. Even if you have never committed any lewd act, you are still targeted as a potential husband or wife by those associated with demonic powers.

You may be surprised to know that a spiritual husband or wife can seduce you and decide to draw you into a spiritual marriage through their demonic power, unconsciously. The world we live in is more complex than we can imagine. That’s why we should never take anything lightly. By reading this book, you will benefit if you decide to believe and not doubt. If you have such serious problems, you will be delivered from all heartaches, painful experiences, and enigmatic situations if you decide to aggressively tackle them.

In the end, you lose nothing. Even if you don’t have this kind of problem at all, at least you are warned. Your prayer will always be useful to God to bless you and free you from all kinds of secret satanic alliances or curses. If you hear the stories I am bombarded with every day, you will never give room in your heart to the supernatural powers trying to capture innocent human beings. If this problem of demonic spiritual marriage is so serious in churches, then it will be worse outside of churches.

In other words, if the righteous are liberated with clarity, what will be the fate of the pagans? To understand the true situation of the secular world, ask your non-believing neighbor first; they will tell you that there are many complex problems that man fails to explain.

Some will tell you that demonic spirits come to them as a woman or a man to violate or abuse their bodies while they remain desperately powerless. Certainly, there is a problem somewhere.

It is an undeniable fact. It is an experience of every man everywhere in the world. There is no doubt about the source of this satanic marriage. Undoubtedly, the devil is responsible for all these demonic marriages, simple or complex. This explains why the majority of people involved in demonic marriages remain ignorant of the dangerous physical and spiritual states they are in. Satan is generally more effective when he knows that his victims are totally ignorant of what they are suffering from. That’s why there are people who have remained in demonic marriage for 20 or 30 years.

Unfortunately, some people carry their burdens until the last day of their existence on earth. This subject is so important that no one can get away from thinking about it. This subject can only be considered by any sincere person or one with presence of mind.

Demonic marriage is more complex and real than many people can imagine. Unfortunately, it is a legal marriage, even if it is contracted in the world of darkness. The results are visible in the physical world.

We know that legal contracts are binding. I feel sorry for people who have entered into this kind of marriage, legally in the world of darkness but who do not truly realize the reality of the marriage. A man or woman who is committed under the law to fulfill certain conditions but fails to do so will suffer the consequences whether they want to or not.

In 1992, a sister in Christ came for counsel and told me a very bizarre experience she had. She told me she had contracted a bizarre marriage with a strange man. This marriage was real. On the other hand, she was not aware that it was more than just a physical marriage. She did not know she was married to a man who was not just a living being.

It was the first time I had heard such a bizarre story. She brought a family photo that she showed me, saying that from the first day of their marriage, the man kept repeating to her that if she ever gave her life to Christ or associated with the assembly of people who worship Jesus, she would seek him and never find him. The woman never took him seriously. She always joked that he wasn’t serious, telling him, “What does that mean? How could you become an enemy of God? You’re joking.”

She thought he was joking. Everything was fine until the day she gave her life to Christ. She had nothing suspicious: when she arrived home, she found that her husband had mysteriously disappeared. To make matters worse, everything she had with this man had also disappeared mysteriously. That wasn’t all, her four children also disappeared. They couldn’t be found anywhere. She didn’t understand what had happened. It wasn’t until the next day that she realized she was married to a living spirit.

This story surprised me a lot, but it had all the evidence. I saw her wedding photos and those of her four children. She had a spiritual husband and gave birth to spiritual children who disappeared when she violated the law of demonic spiritual marriage.

Such a story would seem very bizarre to many people, especially academics or intellectuals, who only believe in what they can see, touch, taste, smell, and empirically prove. Some theologians might also doubt the existence of spiritual marriages in the world of darkness. They say we must prove such theological conceptions. They refuse to accept anything that does not conform to theological principles.

They neglect the supernatural and focus on their theological knowledge to secretly combat the problems of the world of darkness and satanic marriage. You will meet theologians who have difficulty getting married at the age of 40 and over, in reality, their problems are simply related to spiritual marriage…

This text is an excerpt from the book “How to Receive Deliverance from Night Husband or Wife” written by Dr DANIEL OLUKOYA.

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