At the onset of every good season, when people enter a period of vinegar in their lives, there are tears and gnashing of teeth. During times like the COVID-19 pandemic that struck the world between 2019 and 2021, people pray and introspect, questioning whether what we are experiencing is God’s doing. Is it God who authored this? Did God allow it?

Based on these questions, we can even understand the motivation behind Job’s wife’s words regarding God, pushing Job to curse God. Why, God? Because, as Jeremiah said, “God ordains both good and evil.” For this reason, we must believe that when bad things happen to us, it is either permitted or ordained by God. This question is not just thrown at the heavens as a challenge by unbelievers.

It often arises from the anguished heart of a believer who is perplexed in the face of the mystery of suffering, especially when it affects the innocent. Among those who will read these lines, most have probably asked this question at some point, perhaps in a moment of calm reflection, or perhaps in the midst of a crisis with a tormented heart.

We aim to approach this question with a double measure of tact and love, shedding light on it through the lens of the Bible. Among all the books of the Bible, the one that addresses this issue most insistently and from various angles is the Book of Job, where it constitutes, if not the primary subject, at least one of the most prominent themes. We must remember this: God is the creator of His creations, but beyond the relationship of an inventor with his invention, God is also the father of His children.

The degree of responsibility of an inventor with his invention is far different from that of a father with his child. An inventor can test his invention, and he may be prepared for the consequences that will follow, but it is difficult for a father to leave his child in the fire only to watch him burn.

The Lord has made everything for a purpose, even the wicked for a day of disaster. Proverbs 16:4.

This passage clearly explains that God is not the direct author of the troubles that befall us since everything comes from Him, everything originates from Him; He is the source of all things. He created Satan, but He does not allow Satan to harm us. Did you know that the cross is suffering? None of us would willingly die for another, bearing their curse, but God allowed His son Jesus to die on the cross, not to mistreat Him but for a glorious purpose. What you must understand is that God does nothing in vain. If He allowed a person to be born blind, it wasn’t to make them suffer but for His glory. If Job was in that state, it wasn’t to kill him but for a purpose.

Your wine has turned to vinegar, not to kill you but because behind this transformation, God has a plan for you. God is a loving father who cannot let His child die and be proud of it. Even in trials, He provides us with a way out, ensuring that the suffering does not exceed our capacity to bear. God is not the author of our suffering.

This text is an excerpt from the book “When wine becomes vinegar” written by Chloé Yandoli.

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