In conclusion of the teaching that I began on gender and sexuality, I would like to share an experience I had with you. A few years ago, I was in one of the Western countries preaching, and a reporter interviewed me about my views on same-sex marriage. I told the man who interviewed me that God made men and women to reproduce after their own kind. Then I asked: “Is it possible for people of the same sex to produce offspring?” » I concluded by telling the interviewer that if everyone married someone of the same sex, the world would end in this generation.

As a child of God, whenever you have the opportunity to talk about homosexuality, do not beat around the bush. The reason evil thrives is because good people are too afraid to tell the truth. Don’t stay silent when people say they are sexually attracted to people of the same sex. Don’t judge or condemn them, but tell them the truth in love. Condemning them will only make them fight you, and our God is not a God of condemnation, but of love. Speak to them in love, but still show them from Scripture that what they are feeling is not from God because He clearly speaks against it. Tell them you are willing to pray with them and help them overcome this feeling.

Today’s Bible reading tells us what happens to people when they are left to their reprobate minds. Such people cannot end well if they do not repent.
Stand firm against homosexuality and do everything you can to show people who are sexually attracted to people of the same sex the right way to live from the Scriptures. Lot strongly opposed homosexuality in Genesis 19:1-7, even when he was under great pressure. He did not allow the men of Sodom to enter his house to have sex with the angels he invited, even though they urged him greatly and were going to break into his house.

Beloved, I know that in some countries the government has made it illegal to tell the truth regarding homosexuality. However, we have a greater government in Christ, and we must represent Him wherever we go. Don’t stand by and do nothing while people are on the path to destruction. You have a responsibility to save as many as you can (Jude1:17-23).

This text is an excerpt from the book “The Open Heavens 2024: A Daily Guide to Intimate Communion with God 2024” written by Enoch A. Adeboye.

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