Yes! God wants to be your first business partner. Don’t make the mistake of confining Him to the church on Sundays or to activities labeled as “spiritual,” such as serving in the church, singing in the choir, or leading a prayer time.

Not only is God your first business partner, but He is also a high-quality partner. Saying it like this might sound theoretical because you may have the image of God sitting on the throne or the glory of God producing manifestations in bodies, demons being cast out, and so on.

Allow me a few minutes to be God’s business agent and let me tell you a little bit about His resume, so you can assess His credibility in business.

Commonly called God, Lord, or Father with the new covenant, He likes to be called “Jehovah” when it comes to business because it means “Eternal.” Eternal because He was present before the foundation of the Earth, and He has a very vast professional experience.

As for His achievements, over 6000 years ago, He founded a company called “Heaven and Earth.” It was His first successful entrepreneurial project.

God saw all that he had made, and it was very good.” Genesis 1:31.

He has technical skills in a wide range of fields, but I’ll mention only a few:

  • Agriculture: God created vegetation (Genesis 1).
  • Construction and public works: Moses followed God’s instructions for construction. “You shall erect the tabernacle according to the plan that you were shown on the mountain.” Exodus 26:30.
  • Economics and management: God inspired Joseph with a savings plan to survive the 7-year famine in Egypt.
  • Information technology: Have you noticed that the sun rises and sets every day? Unless there is an exceptional event (like Elijah praying for the sun to stop), this is an automated process. The Earth is governed by cycles established by God. Observe the human body, the brain. There are pre-established programs.
  • Art: God’s creativity is visible in various aspects. Observe the diversity of plants, fruits, trees… Also, observe the diversity of human bodies. None are identical. It’s God’s art!

He also has managerial and organizational skills. There are over 7 billion inhabitants on Earth that God manages. No human-made business reaches this size.

He knows the gifts and talents of each person (it’s normal, He’s the one who gives them), and He knows exactly which position suits each one. The prophet Jeremiah is an example of God’s precise knowledge of the task that suits each person:

…I appointed you a prophet to the nations.” Jeremiah 1:5.

He also has social skills. He knows each person by name. He goes even further and knows specific details of their lives (the number of hairs on their head!). We all know how rewarding it is for an employee to know that their boss is at least minimally interested in their life.

Leaders who lack this quality are often criticized. You realize that God’s skills are superhuman. It’s normal; He is God. It would be impossible to describe all of His skills. That wasn’t even the goal. The goal was to bring God’s skills to terms that are familiar, understandable, and accessible to you, related to your field of activity, so that you realize the great privilege you have in having God as a partner.

Now, speaking of a “partner” in reference to God necessarily implies a partnership contract. In biblical language, it is generally referred to as a covenant. If we want to understand how God behaves in a partnership contract, we need to look back at examples of covenants He has made in the past.

This text is an excerpt from the book “Finding the right partner ” written by Alain Patrice Ngaleu.

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