Guilt is a feeling of fault experienced by someone. It is therefore the state of someone who has committed a sin and feels guilty. This feeling, mixed with sadness, can end if the guilty party confesses their fault, repents, and obtains forgiveness. If the guilty party has not been able to seek and find forgiveness, or if they have repented but do not believe they have been forgiven, they could naturally slip into another state, the end of which will be depression.

I received a young man who had committed a sin and felt very guilty and unworthy. He told me that he ended up becoming agitated and spent a night wandering the streets of Cocody (a district of Abidjan, Ivory Coast). In the case of this young man I just mentioned, depression came from the suggestions made to him by the powers of darkness.

Sometimes, demons suggest to the guilty party to take their own life, because they are no longer worthy of living, as they have betrayed the Lord, who died for them on the cross. Generally, these suggestions create a terrifying battle in the victim’s mind. The person becomes agitated, ready to face death in all its forms.

False guilt linked to accusations from Satan.

We must know that the enemy can inject us with bad thoughts and accuse us of sin. These accusations generate false guilt that can lead to depression. A girl told me that she heard a voice insulting Jesus. After that, this voice told her that she had blasphemed and was not worthy of living; that she should take her own life.

The depression was so strong that one night, around two o’clock in the morning, she ended up taking a knife that she held tightly, the tip against her stomach. She was sweating profusely. By the grace of God, she did not have the courage to commit the final act; we can imagine the drama that would have followed. The Lord helped us lead her to authentic deliverance in Jesus Christ. Jesus is the…

Here is the full testimony of a sister who regained control of her will. She is happy today.

Testimony of deliverance from depression of sister D.M.D.

It all started when I was in the 10th grade. One day, as I was going to school, I heard a voice imposing itself on me and saying “Jesus, dog”. I wondered how I could insult Jesus, and I began to feel guilty. After that, I started hearing voices telling me I was going to die, and fear engulfed me. When I went to school, this voice told me I was going to die in December, and I wondered why I was going to school.

Initially, I didn’t tell my parents anything, thinking they would say it was the consequence of my blasphemy. Often, when I read the word of God, I saw the passage that says there is no forgiveness for those who blaspheme against the Holy Spirit, and it troubled me. I started feeling dizzy, and my father took me to the hospital. When they checked my blood pressure, hypertension was revealed, and the nurse told me to tell my father what was troubling me.

As December approached, I told my mother that I heard voices telling me I was going to die. She told me it was the devil. I didn’t believe it until December ended. After that, I still heard blasphemies and there was still a mix of thoughts in my head. My head was heating up, and I was crying.

Often on Sundays, I heard voices saying that if I took communion, I would swell up. And when I took communion, I felt like I was swelling up. After a while, in the 12th grade, these oppressions began to affect my physical appearance. I felt like I had the sky over my head and I was suffocating. One day, my father told me he had a dream in which I was locked up and stuck in a cage. That’s when I understood why I felt suffocated. Often, I heard a voice urging me to go live in a rubber plantation.

One day, I decided to go there and turned back. Sometimes the voice pushed me to curse people in my heart, and then I felt guilty. In my head, blasphemies continued and when I entered the kitchen, the devil urged me to use kitchen knives to kill myself; but I wasn’t motivated to do it. After getting my high school diploma, I had a dream in which someone told me that God had rejected me and I believed it. I woke up troubled and the devil told me to take the knife and kill myself.

I actually took the knife and pointed it at my stomach. But after a few moments, I gave up on killing myself and went to sit in front of the television, troubled. That’s how my mother, finding me in front of the TV, in the middle of the night, asked me what I was doing. I told her what I was going through. She told me that the devil was the author of these dreams and thoughts, and my father exhorted me, saying that if God had rejected me, he would not have given me the high school diploma. I went back to bed reassured.

Often, when I took vehicles, I heard a voice telling me that we would have an accident and that the car would not be able to stop. Since I accepted these thoughts, I received more of them. Between February and March 2018, I was sick for two months. Despite treatments, my condition did not improve. I started to be anxious. I spent sleepless nights and heard voices telling me I was going to die. I only had thoughts of death. Because of anxiety, I went to psychiatry and was put on medication. When I took the medicine, the voices calmed down. One day, as I was sitting quietly, I heard a voice saying, “You annoy us. We don’t know how you reached this level.

We want to kill you, but we can’t. It’s what we can do that we do to you.” I replied, “thank you; it’s a source of motivation. I will now work to progress in my studies.” But after a while, I was seized by discouragement, to the point where I didn’t go to class anymore. Another day, I was reading the bible and a voice told me again that God had rejected me, and I decided to go see Pastor Menyé to tell me if God had indeed rejected me. He received me and told me that the mistake I was making was that I was repenting for the blasphemies that were the work of the devil.

He told me that intelligence is the field where the devil easily plays. He explained that if the devil suggests things to me and I accept them, he continues to act. He made me read pages from Watchman Nee’s book “The Spiritual Man.” I began to experience deliverance and victory over the voices I heard. Since I started putting the responsibility for these thoughts on the devil, I sometimes hear voices, but they no longer have the authority they did in the past.”

Let’s analyze D.M.D.’s testimony.

Here’s what happened to her.

One day, she heard a voice imposing itself on her. The voice she heard insulted the Lord Jesus saying, “Jesus Christ, dog.” She began to feel guilty. After that, she began hearing voices announcing His death. These voices even added another detail, the month in which she would die (December). She began to be overcome by fear. She began to wonder if it was worth going to school. She was in 2nd grade

She had come to believe the voices she heard, to the point of thinking or accepting in her mind that she had indeed blasphemed. When she read the Bible, she saw the passage that says that blasphemy against the Holy Spirit cannot be forgiven.

This increased his distress. On a physical level, she already felt dizzy. Her father, who knew nothing of her struggles, took her to the hospital where she was declared hypertensive. She felt like she was swelling, and sometimes like the sky was on her head.

The voices continued, and even took on more authority to suggest things even more alienating, and which indicated the true plans of Satan. One day, a voice asked her to go live alone in a rubber field. She began to go to the rubber tree field, as the voice asked her. By the grace of God, she turned back.

The voices continued the blasphemies in his heart. These voices cursed people and kept the guilt in his mind. They told him to take the knife and kill himself. Dreams were added to the voices. In a dream, someone came to tell her that God had rejected her. She came to believe that God had indeed rejected her. When she woke up, she was troubled and the devil told her to take the knife and kill herself. She took the knife, pointed it at her stomach, then gave up the project…

This text is an extract from the book “Deliverance From Depression” written by Pastor Boniface Menye.

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